Nov 13, 2015

Superstition Blog Hop

It has always amazed me how so many people are convinced that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.  I have always found it to be particularly lucky.  Perhaps that is because everyone else is drawing the bad luck to themselves.

Anyways when one of my Facebook friends, Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard,  came up with the brilliant idea to have a hop on Friday the 13th featuring black cats, I was all for it.  After all my familiar is a black cat who happens to be rather camera shy.

Tammy sent all of the designers selected to participate a lovely polymer black cat focal.  I absolutely loved the way the black and silver shimmer together as a background for the cat.  (I do want to apologize for the pics.  It seems that the only pretty days perfect to take pics happen when I am at work and can't take advantage of them).

I wanted to play up those lovely shimmers and I came across a black stone in my stash that had glints of silver.  I wish I knew just what the stone is as I would love to get more but it happens to be one where the label fell off. 

I knotted the unknown stone beads together with waxed linen and a fun cat clasp.  I really like this necklace and am torn between giving it as a Yule gift to a friend that is as nuts about cats as I am or putting it up at Shaiha Designs. 

Now I am really looking forward to seeing what all the other designers made using this delightful focal. Be sure to check them out and show them some love also.

Tammy Adams (Hostess)
Renee Hong
Betony Maiden
Coral Law
Lee Koopman
Jeanette Belmont
Shai Williams
Beth McCord
Robin Lynne Showstack
Lori Blanchard
Deb Fortin
Michelle McCarthy
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Kim Dworak
Divya N
Karin Grosset Grange
Mowse Doyle
Rebecca White
Shawneen Fagnani
Catherine King
Brook Bock
Kari Asbury
Nan Smith
Carolyn Lawson
Linda Anderson
Ann Schroeder
Melissa Trudinger
Kathy Lindemer


  1. Unknown but beautiful stones to match the great focal and clasp. That's a great necklace!

  2. What a lovely elegant necklace. I have no idea what stone those beads are either, but they look perfect with the focal. And I adore the touch of whimsy in the clasp. Thanks so much for joining the hop.

  3. I think this is lovely. I love the knotted stone beads and that clasp is adorable.

  4. I love your necklace and that clasp is purr fect! Lol

  5. The clasp and the pendnat make your necklace so very whimsical - puurfect for a cat lover

  6. Great necklace! I love the touches of silver that pop against the black, and the cat clasp is perfect. I know what you mean about the light. In Wisconsin, it's gone now for months!!

  7. lovely piece and agree on the superstition comments .... not sure what all the fuss is about. The stone almost looks like either the dark portions of moss agate, or even blood stone

  8. Very nice Shaiha! A simple but elegant piece. I love the clasp too. LOL

  9. Great job Shai. Even the clasp is a cat.

  10. It looks awesome! I love the slight shimmer to the clay that Tammy used, also. I considered using nightstar beads. I like the size of the beads you used, they perfectly balance the focal.

  11. I am with you - how can people not love Friday the 13th! I especially love it when it is a full moon too.
    I love your piece - the stones are awesome and I like how you are trying to pull in that silver. Such an elegant and sophisticated piece!

  12. The beads are like pebbles making the necklace unique. The clasp is perfect too.

  13. I love the necklace, those stones and that clasp are perfect!!


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