Jan 6, 2016

Goals 2016.

For the last several years, I have chosen a word of the year. Some years, it gave me a goal and others...well let's say that I don't remember the one from last year. This years word took a while to gel but I finally settled on 'GROW'.

And here are some of my goals for the year. And to keep myself on track, I am going to posting my progress monthly.

  1. Take at least three classes this year. They will probably be online though I am going to see what I can take through work also
  2. Host a blog hop. Still thinking about the theme though. 
  3. Read at least a 100 books. (This one should be a snap because as you all know, I am an avid reader)
  4. Try a new International food. 
  5. Participate in more blog hops. 
  6. Be more active in keeping up with the blogs I follow (Not sure how to track that one).  
  7. Finish the spare room. Thinking about setting it up as a bedroom/office/photo room. 
  8. Work on selling more jewelry. 
  9. Post more!  I really fell out of the habit since I am on my tablet more then my laptop. In fact, I am writing this on my iPad but I can't seem to add pics to my posts except from my computer. Rather sucks since I have the pics on my phone/tablet. 
So do you go the resolution route or have you set up some goals for 2016?  What are you plans for the brand new year?


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