Feb 10, 2016


  • I hate it when I feel like I have lost an entire day.  I ended up working on Saturday and then passed out until Sunday morning.  I had a few periods of being awake but they were short-lived and didn't come with any energy.
  • Just finished J.R. Ward's The Shadows.  It's a shame but this series has really gone downhill.  It's like she now just writing to make money rather then add anything to the series.  Still an enjoyable book but not anywhere up to the quality of the beginning of the series.

  • I did say that I was going to be sharing my weekly designs.  I did make one last week but it wasn't finished in time to make my ramblings so I am going to show it off this week.
  • I am really looking forward to Bead-N-Swap which is coming up rapidly.  It's a huge blog hop where we are matched with partners and then we send them out some pretties to make up some pieces of jewelry.  
  • I actually feel that I have been productive.  I added quite a few new necklaces to my Store Envy shop.  I am great at designing the jewelry but not so good at writing up the descriptions and uploading them.  I think that I am going to aim towards the handmade fashion jewelry with a lower price point in that shop and start promoting it a lot more.  My more expensive line with the artisan beads and focals will go up at the boutique website where 25% of the cost is donated to charity. 
  • I have been holding onto my 5s iPhone  because I love the operating system but I don't want to get a huge phone.  That is what I have an iPad for.  I have been really hoping that Apple would come out with another 4" phone before mine died and now the rumors are out that they will come out with one in March.  Time to start saving my pennies (or quarters) so that I can upgrade.

  • I joined a Facebook group where the idea was to take a pic a day and share it.  I fell out rather quickly.  After years of avoiding cameras and pictures, I just don't think about taking pics of everything.  I do think that I will share some of those that I did take here.  Just ignore the dates on them.


  1. Great necklaces. Especially the pearls! You always make pearls look great. I know the feeling when you feel like a day is wasted. I know it's not really because rest is what we need, but then we don't get to have any fun!

  2. Lovely Pieces Shai. I love your idea of sharing each week.


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