Feb 17, 2016


  • I just love it when my subscription to the Bargain Bead Box arrives. I start anticipating it as soon as I see that the charge has gone through.  Then it is just the case of checking the mail each day.  This month's was especially delicious as I love the combo of lapis and gold. 
  • One part of my stress is gone.  I now know for sure that I can reach the numbers that work has set or should I say reset.  They are going partially back to a volume based which is how I sell.  Before I was penalized if I talked to a lot of people to sell a lot.  Sounds like of backwards for a company doesn't it.  I am glad that they finally woke up and realized it. 
  • Love the necklace that I made up for the Year Of Jewelry Project.  Wilma is a little owl who remained behind when all of her friends took off for the Great North.  She is looking for a friend to spend time with as she's lonely. 
  • I noticed when I posted the picture that I put the wrong week on it.  Guess that it just goes to show that I should never date anything when I am sitting and waiting for glue to dry.
  • Sunday was a lovely day even though we don't do Valentine's Day.  My muse came roaring back in when I received all those lovely beads.  The necklace above is available now through Shaiha Designs.
  • I was actually going to show a couple others that I have added to the shop but apparently my blog has decided that I have enough pictures posted.  I hate it when that happens.


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