Mar 23, 2016


  • There is just something rotten when turning over in bed causes me to pull a muscle in the shoulder.  I hate getting older.  I have been having issues with it since Monday.  And it is just so wrong.  If I am going to get injured in bed and be feeling it for days then I had better enjoyed wounding myself.

  • I swear that I just get one dog fixed or semi-fixed at the vet when another needs to go in.  Rusty has a lump on his neck that we are worried about so he gets to go see the doctor at a rather early hour of the morning.
  • Why is it that I will get out of bed earlier for my critters then I will for myself?  Of course, I make sure that they have premium food, see the dentist and all those other things that I am not too concerned about myself.
  •  I am keeping up pretty well in the Year of Jewelry Project as far as the making of the pieces but taking the pictures...well I got caught up finally and uploaded the pics.  I am a quarter of the way through the year.  Much better then the last time I tried to join in.  I don't really think that my style really fits as most of the group does a lot of fancy wirewrapping but I am still enjoying the challenge and that is the important thing.  
Amber Gold Necklace

  • I am starting to push to advertise Shaiha Designs more.  I put up one of my designs on Instagram and someone replied that they liked it.  So I put up the link where it is for sale.  I am good at pushing for sales for other people just not so much for myself.
  • A friend is hosting a full moon rit tonight.  I am really looking forward to attending since  the community really seemed to splinter since TERRA disbanded.  Or perhaps I just don't see anyone as much as I have pretty much become a recluse.  I connect with people over the phone at work and online for myself and that's about it.  I have never been a social butterfly as I like animals more then most people I have met but I am becoming down right introverted.  
  • Still on a television kick.  Or more properly, an iPad and Netflix kick.  The remotes for the TV flat out confuse me.  I think that I have watched more video programing so far this year then in the last five combined.  Right now I am hooked on Charmed.  I first heard about half way through its run so I never saw the early episodes.  They are good brain candy.


  1. Sorry to hear of your wound! Hope you are feeling better by now! Your jewelry here is lovely, but (WOW!) those blue beads are really awesome! What a fabulous necklace, Shai! --Sharyl


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