Apr 20, 2016


  • I have decided that I love African foods.  We had out potluck and that was the theme.  Have to say that it was all so good.  Having potlucks is definitely the way to try out new foods.
  • I am sitting here in shock.  Finally got my taxes done and I owe.  I have never owed taxes but since Saje finally got his backpay for his disability, we have to pay.  Now to figure out where to squeeze blood out of this turnip.  Definitely no bead purchases until I get that paid off.
  • Finished the latest Anne Bishop and I have to say that I am enjoying this series just as much as I did The Black Jewels.  She had some real duds in between the two series but this last one is well worth reading.  

  • Our weather has been strange.  One day it's up in the 70's the next is is in the 50s and raining.  And of course, my lawn is growing like crazy.  I would so much prefer to have the front yard torn out and just have ground cover that you don't need to mow.
  • Found out why I might be suffering from brain fog right now.  Apparently my vitamin is in the tank.  Supposed to be between 20 to 50 and mine is at 3.  Taking some high dosages right now and I hope that it helps.


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