Apr 28, 2016


  • Who in their right minds would be put a high school directly across the street from a mental institution.  Especially an institution where they house the criminally insane.  Oh yeah.  And this is the place that two inmates recently escaped from.

  • I adore the scent of lilacs.  Has to be my favorite flower in the world.  This time around the fragrance inspired my muse.  I just happened to have some purple/lilac beads laying on my work table and everything came together.  I just love it when that happened.

  • Went to Gig Harbor on Saturday to spend time playing with ceramics with the Red Hatter's chapter that I belong too.  It was a beautiful day and I have a lot of fun.  Great ladies. 

  • I definitely don't do all the bling that a lot of the ladies wear.  Thought that I would toss in a pic of me complete with red hat ready to play with glazes.


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