May 29, 2016

Art Bead Scene May Challenge

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"On a Shaker Theme", 1956
by Charles Sheeler
oil on canvas
23" x 29 1/8" (58.42 x 73.98 cm)

I really enjoy doing this challenges because well they are a challenge.  And some are more then others.  And this is one of those. I like the picture but it didn't really 'speak' me.  So I decided to go through all my focals and see if one would whisper to me.  It wasn't until I found a box of focals that I had forgotten about that one did.

This lovely little house was made by Jennifer Jangles years ago (or so I am assuming since she isn't working with clay any longer).  It's a happy little house with all touched up with a Swarovski dangle for summer and wearing a bit of Wooley Wire for a bail. 

Since Shaker means simple to me I decided to keep the necklace itself rather simple with opaline glass and crystals all knotted up and finished with a sterling silver clasp. 

Since I am just eeking in under the wire on this one, I am not going to get all wordy.  If you would like to find more information on the Art Bead Scene's Monthly Challenges, just click here.


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