May 18, 2016


  • I must be getting old.  I went out to lunch with my Red Hatter's chapter on Saturday and afterwards, we went to an antique mall.  I always thought that antiques were items at least fifty years old.  Hey I am not old, I am antique.  Anyways, this place had such a load of crap being sold at inflated prices because it was antique.  Arg!  I saw Betty Boop tiles that were really cute but they even had the year of 2009 on them so obviously not old enough.  Why does marketing so often lie?  And of course we encourage it by buying.
  • I am finally getting a new computer for work and I am so excited!  The one that I have been using is a dinosaur and just far too slow to be efficient.  The only downside is that I an going to be stuck in the office on Monday so we can do the swap.
  • Don't forget that I am running a contest for the above necklace.  Just click here for details. 
  • I hate having to deal with banks but I received my credit card statement with a fee for not paying the bill last month.  Well I paid it on the 4th through my bank.  So I get to deal with them.  So much fun.
  • Took me a bit to figure out how to get edit this post in this new app. I keep forgetting that I can now work on my blog from my tablet. It really has gotten to where I am using my laptop less & less.  
  • I situated my bed so I could see the moon from it. I love that!  One of my favorite features of this house is the bedroom windows. They are up high so they let in a lot of light but no one can see in. I never close the blinds. Well the only issue is that the morning sun also shines in. Right in my face at this time of year. And if I sleep in on my days off, I wake up with a nasty headache. Not cool. 


  1. You need to get remote operated blinds for those windows... then you can close them before you drift off without getting out of bed. Oh, or better... timers... so they automatically close before dawn... SOME INVENT THESE THINGS!! lol


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