May 30, 2016



  • Further proof that robots are taking over the world. I picked up some gorgeous enameled pendants but didn't receive an PayPal invoice. The seller finally got in contact & we unraveled the mystery as to why. Apparently her autocorrect kept 'correcting' my email address. 
  • Love the depth of this pic. Almost a visual effect. Now if only I could remember how I did it. 
  • Have three days off in a row this week though I am considering being a glutton for pain and working on Tuesday for a bit. 
  • Don't forget to enter the contest for the Verizon gift card. 
  • I think that the online boutique that I was a part of has died. Not too happy about as it was where I put my higher end designs. Really considering setting up my own at IndieMade. And donating 25% to Old Dog Haven.
  • Oh and my Year Of Jewelry Project design. I have been keeping up except for one week. Going to try to catch up on my long 'weekend'.  It's along the line of what I would set up at the shop. Actually that bracelet is part of a set with a necklace and earrings. If interested in any part, just drop me a line. 


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