Jun 23, 2016

Art Bead Scene June Challenge

"Literary Poster for the Century Magazine", 1896
by John Louis Rhead
20.5" x 11"
Original Lithographic Poster Printed in Colour with Letterpress

I am so in love with the inspiration that Art Bead Scene graced us with this month.  When I look at this picture the woman reminds me of a goddess with all the new spring growth around her.  And you all know about my love for turquoise but I will admit that my stash is sadly lacking in yellow.

And unfortunately I ended up lacking a lot of time to spend designing the necklace that sprang forth in my mind due to a bout of the flu that seems to have really sapped my energy.  Now that doesn't mean that I completely flopped on this challenge.

Instead, I put together a pair of earrings which for some reason tend to take almost as much time to design as a necklace.  At least they are easier to put together once I have everything planned out. 

As I was cruising about on Facebook, I found some gorgeous beads that Heather Powers of HumbleBeads made based on this month's inspiration.  And I couldn't resist so I picked them up and used one pair along with some turquoise magnesite to put together a lovely pair of earrings.  I think that they turned out pretty well if I don't say so myself.  They have the yellow roses but there isn't so much yellow that I want to run away screaming.  What do you think?

Curious about the monthly challenges?  Just head over here for more info. 


  1. nice earrings, I am waiting to see your necklace design as well

  2. Your pretties are very pretty!


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