Jun 8, 2016


  • Since I am doing more and more posts on my tablet, I am trying something new as far as keeping track of when to post. My posts have been my last holdout as far as paper calendars but that means I have to always run to get it. I am trying to add them to my electronic calendar now especially the jewelry challenges as I can link the original post to the entry. The only issue I see so far is that I can't see the whole month to make sure that I don't have a couple obligations for one day. Oh and the fact that I haven't figured out how to schedule a post in the app I am using on my tablet
  • Speaking of my tablet,  I have to recommend Blog Touch Pro for doing up posts for either Blogger or WordPress. It is very convenient to be able to curl up on couch with a cup of tea and work on a post. 

  • I picked up some gorgeous fossilized Ammonite beads through a destash from Andrew Thornton   If you are looking for beautiful beads, he really posts some winners. 
  • There is just something wrong when I wake up all full of energy and inspiration just to realize that I have to work today.  I am going to cross my fingers that I have the same energy tomorrow.
  • Rather excited. I get to see my niece tomorrow. It's been years since we helped her move away from her abusive grandmother.  Now she has a husband and a baby that I get to meet tomorrow also.  


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