Sep 21, 2016


  • I hate blackiberries!  No that's not really true.  I just hate the vines.  In our last place, there was a huge patch in the adjoining yard that was 10"x30" that the dogs had access in to hunt.  No big issues except the city kept thinking it was ours since there wasn't a fence between the yards.  And of course, it started invading our yard.  We moved across town and you would think that we were safe. Nooooo.  I had to go rescue a dog today from a few vines that have appeared from no where.  I swear it is out to get me.

  • After rescuing the dog, I recieved quite a nice surprise.  A friend of mine had posted a pic of a bracelet she had made that is just gorgeous. I commented on it and Patti asked if I would like it!  And it is even more beautiful in person!  Patti makes some utterly gorgeous jewelry and she donates all profit to Miracle Horse Rescue.  Check her out here.

  • Had our Pagan Potluck this last Saturday and it was actually our birthday potluck.  Seems that most of my friends are Virgos.  Just something to make me go Hmmmm. 

  • I took Sunday off work and went to go play with the Red Hat chapter I belong too, Shades of Ruby.  It was there that I officially received my Red Hat name.  It was a lot of fun and I got a chance to meet one of the members that hasn't been around due to health reasons.
  • Been rather down the last couple days.  Kharma is starting to have a lot more bad days then good ones.  I need to call and make an appointment for him.  I just hate how hard it is to tell them goodbye.  Kharma was my fierce thirty pound Pom Devil who would take on the world to protect me.


  1. It is NEVER easy saying goodbye to our furbabies...keep the memories close to your heart!


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