Oct 27, 2016

Magic Potion Special Challenge

I do love this time of year as the veil thins.  Samhain is without a doubt my favorite Sabbat.  It is filled with memories of fun, partnership, dancing, candy and goodbyes.  Oh and of course potions.

I didn't even try to resist when Andrew Thornton announced that he was doing another special challenge for Samhain, or Halloween.  Jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate and Andrew's challenges are always the best especially when the ingredients for the potion are a complete surprise.

Well almost a complete surprise as I could tell that there was going to be a lot of purple.  Fine with me as I didn't used to be a fan of purple but I have been drawn to it more and more since I joined the Red Hatters.  I have been picking up a lot of purple clothing and I need more jewelry to go with it.  And all the red to go with it and that focal, I was in total love as soon as these ingredients arrived.

I just love this focal.  To me, it radiates wonder and magic with the moon, stars and spiral.  Perfect for a witch's holiday and a must have for my potion.  And all that vintage plastic and lucite...

To bring all of my ingredients together, I added in some waxed linen and red glass beads.  I stirred and said all the appropriate incantations as I knotted it all together.  Surprisingly lightweight due to the lucite, this is a necklace that I can see myself wearing just about anytime that I want to add a bit of magic to my day. 

To check out what the other designers did with this kit, just check out this Facebook group, Allegory Gallery Design  Challenges.


  1. I love the colors you got to work with. Great necklace!

  2. Your necklace does look magic! I love how you put the colors together, along with the beautiful focal.

  3. So lovely and so magical! I love your description and I often times think of making jewelry akin to potion making... a little of this and a little of that and a whole lotta intention! Great job, as usual, and I'm so glad that you have a new piece for the Red Hatter club! :-)

  4. Happy Samhain, by the way! May you have a blessed holiday full of magic and remembrance!

  5. Lovely Necklace Shai, luv the red and your metal choice make its it pop. Thank you for always sharing


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