Oct 9, 2016

Mermaid Lagoon Jewelry Challenge

My name is Shai and I am addicted to jewelry challenges.  One of my favorites has always been the ones from  Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery fame.  It used to be that we had the opportunity to check out all but the mystery component which Andrew would make from hand. 

This kit was a complete mystery.  Oh we knew the theme and the basic colors from the banner above but that was all.  Complete trust in Andrew and his sense of color and style.  And boy was that trust rewarded.  Not one but two beautiful polymer focals along with  vintage lucite and glass.  There is also a full strand of chips that I didn't identify.

That mermaid was whispering that she wanted to be part of a long necklace.  And I had been planning on doing a charm necklace for quite a while so the two went together like..well peanut butter and chocolate.  I also used some of the glass and lucite that came with the kit both to make charms and to decorate the chain itself.

I also used a couple of the beautiful lucite beads and some ceramic starfish drops from Firefly Design Studio.  I had won those drops a few months back and had been waiting for the perfect beads to use with them,

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my latest creations.  The necklace will be put up for sale but I am keeping the earrings for myself.  If you are interested in the necklace, let me know.  There is always a discount before I add it into the store.


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