Oct 5, 2016


  • Well we started out my favorite month of the year.  I love October because we still have some beautiful days here in the PNW and the temperatures are cooler.  And this month always starts out with the Northwest Tea Festival at Seattle Center.
  • I swear that I am cursed. I always sign up for a least two classes at the tea festival and I am always late for the first one.  This year I decided to take some afternoon classes starting at 1:45.  I left my house at noon and between being held up by a draw bridge and trying to find a parking spot, I didn't make it to the festival until 1:55.

  • On the bright side, the missed class gave me enough time to stop by the various vendors.  I was specifically looking for iced teas and I was really pleased that few vendors actually had samples of iced teas.  This was the first year that I saw that.

  • I am about to shoot myself at work.  My numbers are falling like rocks and if I can't keep them up, I end up having to work in the office.  That is a fate almost worse then death since all the noise really messes with my fibro. 


  1. Oh no! I hate you missed your class. Don't you just hate unexpected traffic?
    As for the work situation, I do hope it picks up soon so you don't get relegated to the office. Best of luck!!


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