Oct 12, 2016


  • It's been a hard week filled with pain both emotional and physical. I take Tramadol for the pain of my fibro and I rarely take as much as I have proscribed so when my vet recommended that I give Tramadol to my older dogs for pain, I gave them some of mine. Well I didn't notice how low I was running & ran out. Had to go almost a week without so there was enough for the kids. 

  • I also had to goodbye to Kharma. His good days were finally gone. I should have let him go a week earlier but I had to have time to sat goodbye. He will always be remembered as both the ferocious Pomeranian Devil who bit the butt of a guitarist and the sweet old man that he mellowed into. 
  • I guess that I should feel guilty about not even venturing into my studio on my 'weekend' but I lost myself in playing Dragon Age. Finally got the PlayStation so I could finally play the last update in the game. I am not even a video gamer but I just love that game. 
  • Been having fun browsing the internet looking for skulls. There are so many cute skull items out there. 
  • Got to love it when your power company suddenly decides to take you off budget billing for no reason. I could have understood it if I was behind but I was actually paid ahead. Arg....
  • Hate it when I don't have a book to listen to and I am not in the mood for podcasts. Well actually I have lots of books to listen too but I am waiting for the second book in a series to become available & I just know that if start something else, it will. Probably while I am in the middle of it. And while I tend to to a couple books at a time, I limit myself to one audio & my podcasts. So instead I will whine. 
  • I am going to be joining a couple friends to go to Bead Fest this coming Friday.  So looking forward to it especially since it is actually in Tacoma.   It has always seemed that all of the bead shows are back east so I am really excited that they are bringing one to the West Coast.  Just being able to see and fondle all the gemmies and the art beads.


  1. RIP Karma. :(. Losing a pet is so hard, as they truly are one of the family.

  2. I'm so sorry about Kharma. I look forward to your post about Bead Fest!


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