Nov 25, 2016

Alchemee of Black Friday

Now I normally avoid Black Friday like a plaque ever since a little old senior citizen ran me down with a shopping cart.  Of course the growing ease of shopping online has definitely helped out there.  After all, who wants to get up in the middle of the night to camp out in from a store when you can do your shopping online?

If you are taking the time to read my post you either feel the same or you are done with that madness so I wanted to bring you a little eye candy.  I haven't been posting a lot of jewelry lately so I wanted to play a bit of catch up and introduce my readers to my new store Alchemee Designs.

Now this shop is a work in progress as I am much better at making jewelry then uploading it to my website.  I do take pictures of everything and post them through Instagram as Shais3D  so be sure to follow me there also and if you see something that you like, let me know.  There will always be a discount for saving me from uploading the designs to my shop.

Alchemee Designs is an effort to combine two of my loves, designing jewelry and rescuing animals.  I will be donating 25% of the purchase price to Old Dog Haven to help with the medical expenses of the senior dogs that they rescue.

 You would be able to find all of these designs on the website along with others.  I will be adding more every couple days so be sure to check back often.  Also for my readers, I am having a holiday sale.  Enter the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for a 20% discount.  It will be good until the end of the 2016.


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