Dec 12, 2016

Book Review: Black Diamond

For some people, the untamed beauty of the bayou is a place to hide. For Louisiana wildlife agent Jena Sinclair, it’s a place of refuge—one where she can almost forget the tragedy that scarred both her skin and her soul. But when the remains of yet another fisherman turn up, Jena realizes that Bayou Pointe-aux-Chenes is not safe for her…or anyone else.

The mysterious deaths aren’t her only problem. A dangerous drug known as Black Diamond is circulating through Terrebonne Parish, turning addicts into unpredictable sociopaths. Jena’s investigation leads her to Cole Ryan—a handsome, wary recluse struggling with his own troubled history—who knows more than he’s willing to admit. If they want to stop the killer, Jena and Cole must step out of the shadows of their pasts and learn to help each other…before the evils lurking in the bayou consume them both.

* * * * *

There are just some books that are so good, where you get so involved with the characters, that you just are unable to set them aside.  BLACK DIAMOND was one of those books.  My plan was to read a little over breakfast and then go get the rest of my errands done for the day.  Well let's just say that my errands did get done but a few hours late.

While I did enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the bayou, what really grabbed and held me were the characters.  Jenna is such a flawed individual who is unsure of herself but determined to regain the ground she had lost after the shooting.  Cole's answer to the darkness of our society was to retreat completely but meeting Jena is causing him to rethink that decision.  I also really liked Mac, who was Jena's partner and a secondary character,  he tends to be a chatterbox and a flirt so people tend to underestimate him.

The pacing on this book was perfect with a lot of tension that builds towards a satisfying conclusion.  I really appreciated the bits of humor that gives the reader a chance to catch their breath.

I do recommend BLACK DIAMOND to any of my readers who enjoy a well written romantic suspense.  This series is on now on my radar and I can't wait for the next book to come out.


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