Dec 30, 2016

Goals for 2017

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible about setting goals.  And when I do set them, I tend to forget about them.  I did forget about the ones I made for 2016 so I pulled them back up and wanted to report on how I have done.

  1. Take at least three classes this year. They will probably be online though I am going to see what I can take through work also.  I blew this one.  I started one class through Craftsy but didn't finish it.
  2. Host a blog hop. Still thinking about the theme though. A total fail
  3. Read at least a 100 books. (This one should be a snap because as you all know, I am an avid reader) This one was a snap.  I read 178 books as of 12/28
  4. Try a new International food. I tried Polynesian and loved it.
  5. Participate in more blog hops. There weren't really many blog hops but I did join into the ones that I found.
  6. Be more active in keeping up with the blogs I follow (Not sure how to track that one).  This one does in spurts.
  7. Finish the spare room. Thinking about setting it up as a bedroom/office/photo room.  I never got this room set up which is probably a good thing since my stepson is moving here in February.
  8. Work on selling more jewelry.  I haven't really sold more but I did open up a second shop for my more extravagant art jewelry.
  9. Post more!  I really fell out of the habit since I am on my tablet more then my laptop. In fact, I am writing this on my iPad but I can't seem to add pics to my posts except from my computer. Rather sucks since I have the pics on my phone/tablet. I have found a way to post from my tablet so that is a win.
 I guess that over all I am happy with what I accomplished though I do need to really work more one my jewelry.  So time for some more goals for 2017.

  1. Get a puppy and train it.
  2. Do more promotion on my jewelry.
  3. Become more active in the Red Hat Society.
  4. Take at least one jewelry class this year.
  5. Take part in the Year of Jewelry Project and actually complete all the weeks.  I also plan on posting the jewelry that I am complete here.
  6. Take part in all the monthly Art Bead Scene monthly challenges.  
  7. Read or listen at least 125 books .
  8. Organize and paint my bedroom.


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