Dec 7, 2016



  • Well it's official. I do have a new shift with weekends off. That will be nice since I won't have to worry about not being able to attend Red Hat events. My only concern is the fact that I will be working five days a week. Last time I tried that, my fibro objected.  Fiercely. 
  • I have been updating my new shop, Alchemee Designs  and will keep adding a few pieces every week. This shop is truly a labor of love since 25% of each sale is donated to Old Dog Haven  They are a wonderful nonprofit dog rescue which maintains a network of foster homes for senior dogs that are not healthy enough to be adopted. 
  • I was woken this morning by the dogs going off. When I answered the dog, my father-in-law was standing there. I haven't seen him in six years since my husband and his father don't get along. I think he has finally been struck by his mortality and wants to mend burnt bridges. 
  • I won a couple Amazon gift cards from work. As much as I shop there, these are as good as cash. 


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