Dec 14, 2016


  • It's official. I am running behind. It's almost Yule and I have just gotten my first gift laid out. And I haven't even started on thinking about what I am making for Dorothy, my massage therapist. Time to start having a melt down. 
  • Thank the Goddess for good friends especially ones share my husbands interest in movies based on the comics. My DH got to go see Dr. Strange and I didn't have to be bored for hours. 
  • Won some gorgeous beads from Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. I just love his porcelain beads. 
  • I think my muse has officially gone on vacation which really sucks. I love the inspiration that Art Bead Scene has put up for this month's challenge but nothing is coming to mind. Oh and there is that dragon hop. Come on Ms Muse. 


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