Jan 15, 2017

Celebrating Life


We are known for our rain and gray skies during the winter but this has been an unusual one so far. Beautiful blue skies and rather cold. Still it is worth a few shivers to get a chance to stay dry while visiting MaST Aquarium with friends and fellow Red Hatters. 


Just think, they grow up to be my favorite type of fish. 


Meet the only poisonous octopus. And native to the Puget Sound. 


I have always loved starfish. They come in so many colors and sizes. 


This little guy is so tiny and ugly that he is adorable. 


Waving gently in the current...


And just to prove the skies aren't gray, here is pic from the window of Salty's where we had lunch and warmed back up. I really needed the reminder of friendship, life & nature's beauty as I had found out as I was heading to this event that a friend has died. I will miss her but it really suited her style to exit on Friday the 13th. 


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