Jan 11, 2017


  • I swear people are becoming more entitled since Trump was elected.  I have a man from Texas call me a stupid black bitch because he wasn't able to get a phone number for a non-existent call center in New Mexico.  Now I wouldn't have minded giving him the number but the way he tried to bully me into it just makes me want to set in my heels and not want to help him out at all.   
  • Say what you will about climate warming but I am definitely noticing a change.  It's down in the teens here and our winter temps normally huddle around the 40s.  I am not liking this new trend at all.  
  • Well I finally made an appointment to get my eyes checked.  I am going in next Monday and will hopefully get a new prescription which will help with my headaches.  I am also concerned about the fact that I am starting to lose my night vision in my left eye. Not too sure how serious it really is since my loss of vision puts me about par with everyone else because I have always been able to see better in the dark then anyone I know.


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