Feb 12, 2017


  • I am sure that you have noticed the lack of Ramblings last Wednesday.  The reason for that is with my new work schedule, it is easier for me to put it out on the weekend.  So until that work schedule changes again, I will be putting it out every Sunday.  That way I can include the happenings for the last week.  
  • We don't tend to get a lot of snow here but someone or something decided that we shouldn't mourn the lack.  The pic taken above was a few hours after it started.  We ended up getting almost 6 inches at my house.  I am glad that I am lucky enough to work in my basement.
  • The cold and the wet definitely did a number on my fibro though.  It hates moisture though the cold definitely doesn't bother me as much as it used too.  If being warm all the time is a sign of approaching menopause then I am all for it though sleeping with the ceiling fan on in the middle of the winter is kinda strange


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