Feb 19, 2017


  • Finally started to get accustomed to my new glasses.  Took longer this time with them causing dizziness and headaches.  I can definitely see better far away,  up close though I have to slide them down my nose.  Getting older and blinder is a bitch.
  • I had a funny feeling that once menopause hit, I wouldn't be dealing with a lot of hot flashes since those are caused by a loss of hormones.  My hormone level has always been low though.  One thing that I have noticed though is that my internal thermostat seems to be stuck on warm which is a total change for me.  I used to freeze anytime the temp was below 70 and now I am running the fan in the winter because I am too warm.
  • I think that one of the best things that I have done is to join the Red Hat Society.  I tend to be a recluse by nature and this forces me to get out of the house to experience life and have fun.  I went out this last Saturday to a Pirate themed party and had a blast.  I just wish that I could still dance and enjoy music without paying for it the next day.
  • I think that I have found a new favorite thing. For some reason, on Tuesday my fibro was acting up so badly that wearing clothes hurt & sitting taking calls at work was an exercise in pain. I had won a voucher for a Chinese foot massage better known as reflexology.  Within 20 minutes of the session beginning, my nerves calmed down. What blessed relief!
  • Finally got a halfway decent pic of my hair. Love the slight purple tint. 


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