Aug 2, 2017

Sad Carpet Saga

I own my home and when we moved in, we had an aging dog that had dementia.  Kharma would forget at times that he was supposed to go outside to do his business so we had plans on replacing the carpet once he was gone.  Kharma left us last year so I made plans to get some new carpet.

When I was searching out carpets, I found once that was guaranteed to repel pet stains which would be perfect for our home as we still have other dogs.  And it happened to be sold at Lowes which is where I tend to do my home improvement purchases.  I waited until they had a sale and thought that I had scored when I found one with a free deluxe install.  This deluxe install was to include moving the furniture, pulling up the old carpet and disposing of it, and install the new carpet.  Off to Lowes I went with money in hand.

I made my purchase back in May and requested that the install be done on July 3rd since I was off on vacation at this time.  Along comes July 3rd and for some reason, the installers only sent out one guy to move heavy furniture.  Not too sure how they thought that out especially since I had paid extra because I have some large pieces of furniture.  Well I soon found out.

The installer really didn't want to work.  Once he found out what needed to be moved, he immediately said that he couldn't do the work because my house is flea infested.  Like what?  My dogs are always flea treated and I have a flea allergy to I would be the first to know if it was infested.  I did my due diligence however and flea bombed my house. And waited for an install and waited...

Now the installer wanted me to hire someone to pull the carpet.  Excuse me?!?  That was part of the deluxe install.  So I refused and demanded that they have someone come out to do the install on a weekend since I have used my vacation time for the year.  And they still haven't done so.

Moral of the story is to avoid Lowes and Emerald Installation.  I have talked and talked to Lowes management as I thought that they would make it right. Boy was I wrong. 


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