Mar 27, 2018

Book Review: Whiskey Sharp Jagged

Vicktor Orlov took one look at the wary gaze and slow-to-trust personality of the deliciously sexy and fascinating Rachel Dolan and knew he wanted more than just a casual friendship. But as a natural protector, he also knew bossiness and overprotective maneuvering would push her away rather than draw her close. He’ll use every tool in his easygoing arsenal to convince her to take a chance on them.

Rachel’s flourishing new career as a tattoo artist has brought color back into a life previously damaged by a series of bad choices and violence. She knows she can trust Vic—it’s herself she’s not sure of. She doesn’t want to be caged or controlled. Doesn’t want to be protected so much she has no ability to make her own choices.

And damn if the man doesn’t know it.

When Vic finally drops all pretenses of “just friends” and focuses all his careful affection and irresistible seduction on her, Rachel knows she’s falling hard for the laid-back pretty-boy Russian she discovers has a relentlessly steel spine when it comes to her.

And she can’t resist.

* * * * *
Lauren Dane has been one of my go to authors for years.  She tends to write just the right brain candy for me to take a mental vacation.  Her characters are always first rate and her heroines are strong women even if they don't recognize their own strengths.
Rachel is no exception.  She used to be a FBI agent until she was taken and tortured for quite a long time.  She has physically recovered and is working on healing some of the emotional scars.  Part of that healing was changing her profession and lifestyle.  Rachel is now a tattoo artist and becoming interested in the son of her next door neighbor.

Vicktor is just luscious.  Very definitely an alpha personality but one that is patient.  He wants to take care of Rachel and it that means taking it slow until she is ready. so be it.  And he cooks and bakes!  The fact that he is also very good with his hands and other body parts is just icing on the cake.

The characters hooked me immediately even though I was pulled out of the story quite a few times as I tried to figure out who was thinking what.  Yes there was a lot of head hopping.  There were also some editing glitches that I assume will be corrected when the book gets its final go over.

Even with those issues, the story kept me entertained and reading so I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys a contemporary romance with quite a bit of heat.  It does have a few twists and turns but since when is the path to happiness all sweetness and light.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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