Mar 15, 2018

Still alive!

Yes I am still alive.  In fact, I am actually doing a lot better. Still getting episodes of vertigo but they are short lived and no longer coming in multiples. There for a while I was having attacks of vertigo that were lasting upwards of 45 minutes at a time and coming one after another. There was a silver cloud however in that it happened today rather then 10 years ago. I would have gone flat insane then as the best way to weather the attack was by laying down and keeping my eyes closed. Audio books and podcasts were my saviors. 

Speaking of audio books, I found a great new to me author, Drew Hayes   I devoured several of his audiobooks and was entranced.  My favorite was actually a whole series, Super Powered.  It’s a great young adult series about teenagers with special abilities training to be Heroes.  A lot of character growth along with an intriguing plot. Highly recommended!

One cool thing that came with vertigo is that I picked up a walking stick under the recommendation of the physical therapist that I went to. It really helps to have that added stability when dizziness or vertigo hits. Anyways, I plan on personalizing it with some crystal & charms. 

I am also trying to switch from a PC to a Mac.  I can already tell that it going to be an interesting journey learning the operating system. Though I really wish that someone could explain to me why a calendar app that I fell in love with on my phone and was only like 5 bucks is $50 for the Mac.  That sucks as it is really important to me that my calendar sync between my phone and computer.  And here I thought that it would be easier if everything was from the same manufacturer. 

Oh and I am one of those people who has always hated using a touch pad. As in detests it. So when I decided to switch, I picked up a mouse which cost half as much as my laptop. Guess what though.  I discovered that I prefer using the touch pad on the Mac. Who would’ve thought?  Time to return the mouse. 

Well this post has gone on long enough so I had better cut it off here especially since I had originally planned just to say wave and say hello. I hope that everybody had a better February than I did. 


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