Apr 29, 2018

Shaiha's Ramblings

So are you in shock?  It has been a while but I think that I will be starting to post more regularly especially as I have managed to mangle all my excuses.  Besides, I do enjoy blogging since it is how I reach out to the world.  You know when I was younger, I had never imagined myself as a hermit though I guess that the signs where there even back then.  I have always preferred the company of animals and books over that of most humans.

I guess that I was destined to be an online nerd.  And I was one with a goal ever since I won my first laptop.  I wanted a laptop that was actually portable yet be lightweight and I wanted to be able to sync my calendar on my phone with the one on my computer.

I didn't make any ground on the first but I was determined with on the second.  I went with an android phone as common wisdom was that they worked better with a PC.  And I went to war trying out various programs to get them to sync. I finally threw up my hands in despair and tried out an iPhone as they hadn't been bitten by the bigger is better bug yet.

Imagine my delight when the iPhone synced with the outlook calendar on my computer but that only led to an addiction where I want more and more things to sync.  And I didn't want to go more Apple as they are pricey.  Until I won some money at the casino and I picked up an iPad.  Finally I could sync between my PC, my phone and my tablet!!  Not going to talk about all the steps to do so with some items.  But I was happy, or least content, with my ability to share between devices.

And then my PC started to act up.  No battery power to speak of and was really lagging.  And I was tempted, and succumbed to an older MacBook for less then I could get a new PC.  I finally put my toe into the Mac world.  And I loved it but the computer was/is incredibly slow.  So I splurged.

Finally I had managed to accomplish my first goal!  My new baby, a MacBook Air, is really light.  Only three pounds.  But it has incredible battery life too!  Finally a laptop that is truly portable.  One that I can easily sit down with it on my lap anywhere and be able to post.

Oh but guess what.  Outlook 2016 doesn't sync with the iCloud even though PC versions did.  So I am back to square one with getting my calendars to sync.


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