Jul 29, 2018

A little bit of this and that

I have really fallen behind this year.  After being laid up in bed for a month with that vertigo,  I just haven't had any energy.  Well that is starting to change now that I am back on 4 10s.  Having that extra day off which I have designated as my drone day seems to give me more energy on all the other days.

I have actually found a semi-local canasta game that meets every couple weeks.  You know, if you had asked me ten years ago how hard it would be to find a local card game that doesn't involve gambling, I would have thought that it would be easy.  Not so.  Not even with the internet.  And its not like I am even picky on which game as  I play them all though canasta is near and dear to my heart as my Gram taught me to play.  Anyways, it took a bit of a search but I finally found one through meet-up.

Also now that I have energy, my muse is starting to come back.  But my studio is infested with fleas.   And I have NO bloody idea where they are coming from as the rest of the house doesn't have them.  I bombed it once and am going to do it again on Wednesday.  Cross your fingers for me that it works this time.

Oh, have you ever heard of the Sash Bag?  Check them out!  Doesn't that look like the way to go?  I have always carried a big purse but I am finding that they are getting smaller and smaller especially as I need to have a walking stick if I am covering any open ground. But these you wear just like a piece of clothing.   And now they are doing a Kickstarter campaign where you can even get them with a square pocket perfect for carrying an iPad!  Oh and they come in Rose Gold.  Drool!

Oh.  I almost forgot.  I sold my first piece of jewelry through Alchemee Designs and donated $22.50 to Old Dog Haven.  That felt so good!  Now to sell more.  Of course, it would help it I could even get into my studio to be able to take pics...

Well I am off.  Have far too much email to weed through.


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