Dec 15, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Days 13

Our tea for the day isn't really a tea.  Instead it's a herbal tinsune which is basically herbs steeped in boiling water.  For the most part, I am not a big fan because I want my caffeine but there are a few exceptions such as chamomile.  And this beautiful Peppermint which has that wonderful minty aroma and it's oh so refreshing.

I will have to pick up a box of this tea because I love a good mint tea after a heavy meal.  Perks me right back up.

I will be back tomorrow with a new tea to try.  Be sure to stop by.
Dec 14, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Days 11 & 12

You know, I am not really sure just how I got so far behind we are about up to date.  Just one more of the double posts unless I manage to get off track again.  Thank you so much for staying with me on this journey with it's unexpected side trips.

The next stop on our journey is one of my favorite teas, Wuyi Oolong.  This is a rock oolong with the beautiful long leaves.  This is another tea where it is almost impossible to find a decent cup in a tea bag.  I quite enjoyed this oolong.  It was lightly floral with a full bodied, rounded taste.  There is a lingering aftertaste of minerals.  This tea will become a must buy for me.

My next tea is also right in my ballpark as Yunnans happen to be one of my favorite black teas.  They are known for their bright peppery flavor.  Adagio's Golden Yunnan is an excellent example of this variety of tea.  I found it to have the rich flavors of stone fruit, tobacco and pepper.  It's so smooth that this is a black tea that is really easy to drink without any additives.  This is actually a tea that I plan on picking up in loose leaf because I can see myself drinking it by the pot.

Now be sure to come back tomorrow for another cuppa tea..
Dec 13, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Days 9 & 10

I am sorry.  The reason that I haven't been posting regularly is due to some health issues that I have been dealing with. I have been trying out the teas every day though.

Today was our first adventure in the land of White Teas.  Silver Needle is one of the more well known white teas.  This is an early spring tea which is known for its delicacy.   Perhaps due to this delicacy, it is almost impossible to find a decent silver needle in a bag.  I am happy to say that quest is over.

This tea has a light floral aroma with a hint of peaches which carries into the flavor itself.  Very smooth with a touch of natural sweetness, this is a tea to sip while contemplating your day.  I will definitely be picking up some for my cabinet.

This next tea,  Earl Grey, had a starring role in Star Trek.  Earl Grey is distinctive with its bergamot and is one that can be really hit or miss with some people.  And I happen to be one of those.  Thank goodness that this particular version was a hit.  The dry leaves have a strong citrusy aroma which fades somewhat as the tea steeps.  The flavor is smooth and well rounded with just enough bergamot to make this cup extra refreshing.  This tea definitely goes onto the short list of teas that I am considering picking up for myself.

Tomorrow I will have another couple tea reviews to bring us back up to date.  So how are you enjoying these reviews?  I have heard from one person that they helped her decide on a holiday gift.
Dec 10, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Days 7 and 8

Took the weekend off and tried to get more into the Christmas spirit by watching a Christmas movie. I know that it might surprise folks but I have watched very few.  Well the one that I choose was on Neflix and I ended up losing interest rather quickly but could have just been the movie so I will try again.

One thing that I haven't lost interest in is the Adagio Tea Advent Calendar.  I am looking forward to a nice surprise every evening.  I just wish that Adagio would put one out for an entire year.

When I opened up the little door for Saturday, I discovered another green tea, Citrus Green,  which I passed off to M.  According to her, this tea has a really fresh taste with the lemon and lime flavors.  She also found it refreshing.

Now on Sunday, there was a tea much more up my line, Pumpkin Spice.  This is the time of year where everything is pumpkin spice; candles, coffee, muffins and finally tea.   I finally get to jump the that train and I have to say that I am not really sure what all the hype is about.  Now don't get me wrong.  This is a yummy tea but it reminds me of a spiced chai.  I guess that I was really looking for more pumpkin flavor.

Neither of the teas that I sampled this weekend will be making it into rotation in my tea cupboard.  How about yours?

Check back tomorrow to see what Monday brings.

Dec 7, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day6

And today we get to try out yet another style of tea.  I love the fact that we have been able to check out black, green and now white all in the first week!  Our tea today is Blueberry White!

Now I don't know why but I love blueberry teas even though they never seem to taste like fresh blueberries.  This tea does come closer than a lot of them though with a flavor that reminds me of wild blueberries.  The white tea itself is smooth and delicate.  Oh and the aroma is to die for!

This tea is definitely one that will be joining my tea lineup for 2019.  For me, it is the perfect tea to wind up the day with; smooth, slightly sweet and low in caffeine.

Now I wonder where tomorrow will take us?  Any guesses?
Dec 6, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day 5

Today was one of those days where I did manage to achieve my goal but it required a lot of hurry up and wait.  One of those days where I was really looking forward to opening up my Adagio Tea Advent Calendar.

The next stop on our journey is China where you might find Dragonwell Tea.  This is pan roasted green tea which is known for a sweet, delicate flavor.  Now I don't care for green tea at all so I passed this over to a friend to try.  According to M, it's a really smooth tea that tastes 'green' like the nature.

As you can probably guess, this tea won't be going into my line up simply because I don't care for vegetal teas.  Though it has been requested that I keep some around for M.
Dec 5, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day 4

We are still in the world of black teas with today's selection, Chestnut Tea.  This is a black tea flavored by roasted chestnuts.  I have to admit that I have always been curious about this tea especially as I adore hazelnut teas.

When I first brewed this up, I wasn't impressed by the aroma.  It was nutty but in a funky way.  And I felt the same way upon my first taste.  The tea was smooth but had a harsh aftertaste in that funky nut way.  Once I added a bit of raw sugar and cream, I had a drinkable cup of tea.

For myself personally, I wouldn't stock this tea.   I am on the fence about whether to recommend this tea as the flavor that I find so objectionable before being doctored might just be the chestnut flavor itself.  It does have a rather unusual taste so I would recommend ordering a sample to find out whether this is a tea that you will like.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the next stop in the journey
Dec 4, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day 3

This evening we are back to black tea, English Breakfast Tea.  This style tea actually has a lot of memories for me as it was the beginning of my tea journey and one of the only teas I drank for years.This is a tea that usually requires a bit of cream and sugar to make palatable as it can be quite astringent.  In fact, it is designed to be enjoyed in this fashion.

I find Adagio's version of this style quite delightful.  The taste is bold yet lacks a lot of the customary bitterness so it actually can be enjoyed no matter which additives you prefer even if it is a total lack of them.  For a tea 'bag', this is one of the better ones and one that I think will make it into my cabinet especially in the winter so that I can be assured a decent cuppa tea no matter where I go.
Dec 3, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Advent Journey Day 2

Before I started this...well what I am calling a journey, I intentionally decided not to look up the teas that I might encounter.  This way I have a delightful surprise to look forward to each day and one that I can share with everyone.

When I opened up my door for December 2nd, I was happy to see that this journey appears to wander into the realms of different style teas as well as herbal infusions.  Our tea today is Vanilla Rooibos.  Hmmmm. Gingerbread and Vanilla.  Am I seeing a trend?

Now I have always enjoyed rooibos which has a lot going for it.  First of all, it is naturally caffeine free which makes it a nice treat in the evenings.  And it has pleasant nutty flavor.  The downside is that the blends are usually so fine that they make a mess of my teapot.  And I hate to say that it is a pretty big downside so I typically don't have any in stash.

I think that is about to change.  This infusion has a light nutty taste along with a delightful vanilla flavor.  And best of all is the fact that is all nicely packaged together is a nice pyramid sachet! No mess, no muss.  I think that a box will find its way to my tea stash.

Be sure to pop by tomorrow for the next step in our tea journey.
Dec 2, 2018

Review: Adagio Tea Journey Day 1

I know that it will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a teaholic.  Any while I don't tend to do a lot of the holidays, there are a couple traditions that cling too.  One is going out to see a movie with my husband on Christmas.  This year we are going to see the the next movie in the Fantastic Beasts saga.  The other tradition is one that I plan to share with you, my readers.

I always pick up some new teas to check out in December so that I have some new favorites to start the new year with.  This year my quest for samples has gotten much easier which is a good thing with my wacky health. Introducing Adagio Teas' Advent Calendar!  Now I will be the first to admit that I would have preferred it if it said something like 'Happy Holidays' simply because there are folks out there that would like an advent calendar even if the countdown isn't to Christmas.

What I find rather exciting about this calendar is that it is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys teas and is open to trying some new ones.  And let's face it, most of these calendars are designed for the kids.  Here one finally for adults!  Start out each day with a new cup of hot tea to get you ready for the rounds shopping and parties.

Since this is what I am planning on doing, I want to take you along on my journey with a new review each day.  These reviews will be running a day behind since I tend to prefer my tea in the afternoon so expect a new episode to head your way each morning.

Now my tea for December 1st is Gingerbread Tea.  This is a black tea with bits of crystallized ginger and what looks like orange bits.  While this is a full leaf tea, a lot of the leaves were rather small.  Possibly broken in shipment.

This is a mild tea with just hints of ginger and I wasn't able to coax out any orange.  There is a vanilla taste that overrides the ginger rather than enhancing it.  I didn't care for it plain but with a bit of half-n-half and raw sugar with begins to taste a bit like gingerbread cookies.

This is not a tea that I would put into rotation in my own home but then I really like the taste of ginger and would have liked it to have a bolder presence.

Now be sure to stop again tomorrow to see what our next tea is and whether it is one that I will be adding to my own tea stash.

**This item was given to me at no charge by Adagio Teas in exchange for fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.