Apr 5, 2019


I felt as though I stepped through a time warp as I wrote this almost a year ago & it was never published.  Boy have things changed. I will be doing up a post in the next week to bring everything up to date.  Just wanted to share this with everyone. 

* * * * *

Just as I expected.  Since the new laptop is almost as portable as my iPad and easier to type on, I find myself sitting on the bed in the evening and using it rather then play solitaire on my iPad.  Not listening to as many podcast though which could be an issue as they are ever expanding.

And I went girly.  Never really thought about having a case on a laptop until I stumbled across one in Amazon.  What cool way to protect the computer and make it pretty.  The keyboard covers are nice too.  With the many critters that I have, it's great to have found a way to protect the keyboard from fur.

The new shift seems to agree with me.  I only backed things back by an hour but I find that I am sleeping better and waking up before my alarm.  I also have more energy during the day.  I am no not an early morning person.  Apparently I am better off starting work around 11 as that gives me time to feed the dogs and putter around waking up.

I have actually started cooking again.  I love my husband for being willing to take over the household chores including cooking but he isn’t the most imaginative cook and easily falls into a rut. It’s my hope that he will pick up some ideas from the nights I cook. And it gives me an excuse for collecting recipes again. This time, I am using an app that syncs between my phone & tablet. It makes it super easy to capture recipes from the internet & has some great search features. I use an iPhone & I am not sure if it’s also available in android.  Oh, it’s called Recipe Gallery.

Also been watching a cooking show online ‘America’s Test Kitchen’.  The host is kinda goofy but I am learning all kinds of tips and they have some great recipes that I want to try.  Now if only I could direct that ambition towards cleaning my studio.  I know a good part of my procrastination is the fact that I hate to leave Pooka locked up alone in the bedroom & he doesn’t settle well in the studio.  


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