Dec 4, 2020

Happy Beads Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile. Actually longer than I had thought. Anyone else notice how the combo of the pandemic and old age leads to totally losing track of time?  One day just seems like the other!

Anyways, I have been needing something to nudge me back to creating jewelry. I mean, now that I actually have the time to lose myself (and hopefully use up some of my supplies) in creating I find myself not doing so. I know that some is simple exhaustion but the other was that lack of spark.  Well this blog hop has started to ignite me.  

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful kit from Lisa. All kinds of bright crystals, bright glass beads in regal purple along with some pastel glass pearls. 

Now you know me and pearls and procrastination. I immediately went to the pearls and laid out a necklace of pearls & crystals. And then let it sit and sit and well...sit. I knew I had all the supplies & I could easily knot that up in a couple hours while watching a baking competition. Or so I thought. 

Did you know that glue can go bad?  I didn’t. 

So when I went to get everything knotted up, my first step was to make a thread nettle with my cording. No big deal. I have done it hundreds of times. Except my glue wouldn’t harden and my cord kept drooping. Looked kinda like...never mind. And of course, I made this wondrous discovery on Friday night.   Time of a new plan. 

I ended up making this bracelet that also doubles as a choker using the regal purple beads & crystals. 

I still have the long pearl necklace laid out & as soon as I find some thread Viagra, I will get it finished up also. '
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May 18, 2020

Disappearing Time

Now I have heard of and experienced time seemingly disappearing but I swear that it is 100% worse when there isn't anyone really even out on the roads.  I thought that it had only been a couple weeks since I posted and it has been over a month.  It's just that there isn't really anything going on right now with the world shut down.

Now that I am not working for Comcast anymore, I find myself watching more television.  I do get a kick out of that since I didn't watch it when I worked for the cable company.  Anyways, the one show that I make sure to watch live is The Voice.  And I was wondering just how they were going to pull it off this year since a studio audience is pretty much impossible.  And they have pulled it off in a rather impressive way with having all the artists make music videos from their homes.  And adding in more audience participation which is a sore point for myself.  I would love to know why they block the instant saves from us here on the West Coast.  After all, the show is based in California so why is it that the East Coast is the only ones privileged enough to save their favorites?

I am still working a couple days a week for GrubHub just to bring in more money.  I feel like a squirrel as I am making more with the unemployment but the more I bring in, the more I can stash away to keep us going. It would be so nice to have my disability come through because those 3 to 4 hours that I am working will lay me up for a least a day which makes it difficult to make enough to keep this household going.

Well I do have to get ready for work.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  And leave a comment if you have used this time off wisely to learn something new.
Apr 13, 2020

Happy Belated Easter

I know that everyone's Easter was a bit different than in the past.  Instead of family gatherings and egg hunts, people got together via video chats and telephones.  Since I am not christian, my easter has always been a bit different.  I always picked up a ham since they are on sale and would cook one up.  That's it.  No other traditions.  And even that got messed up since I spent almost 20 hours passed out yesterday.

The good news is that I feel semi-alive today.  I have issues with fatigue anyways and now for some unknown reason, I am now getting boils.  Now I am not sure that contributed to my fatigue yesterday but my body's reaction to any virus or bacteria has been to shut down and sleep.

Looks like the stimulus checks are starting to arrive.  My soon to be DIL had hers show up in her account this morning.  I will be glad when it arrives in mine.  Both myself and Saje really need new glasses.  Then we will be waiting on the Unemployment insurance.  You know, it is really strange how I will be bringing in more not being able to work then I am able to working.  But then life is becoming rather strange since the pan-epidemic hit.

I am curious just how life will be changed afterwards.  Will a lot of the jobs that converted to telecommuting stay that way?  Will distance will be the new way of life?  I just hope that our new way forward will consider our planet since she has been rebounding while we are quarantined.

Apr 9, 2020

Still alive


I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I last posted.  I really have to get better especially since technically I have more time since life has done a topsy turvy.

You know I started this blog to record my journey and somehow over time it morphed into a review blog with occasional jewelry posts.  I think that I want to go back to the beginnings.  Oh there will still be pics of my creative pursuits which now include coloring.  And I will be chatting about books that I have read since I am still devour books though more through audio nowadays.

A snapshot of life right now would have to include the coronavirus as it is affecting everyone.  This is one time that being an introvert is a definite plus.  Other then the fact that I am not able to go out and deliver food or groceries, life really hasn't changed for me.  I sit comfortably on my bed with a back pillow behind me, listen to a book or podcast and color.  I take frequent naps as I am always exhausted but life goes on.

There is stress about how I am going to pay the bills.  Yeah still working on getting my disability since I am still not able to work very long before I get tired and lose my short-term memory.  Brain fog is a real bitch.  I have applied for unemployment but they are still trying to figure out how to deal with us gig workers since we are not normally eligible.  And only the Goddess know when the stimulus money will hit since drump is in charge.

You know, I think that it is sad that when the National Guard is called out to help man food banks, the governor's office has to send out a notification that they are not there to police the populace.  Speaking of governor, I am so glad that I live in Washington state where our governor does know how to lead and respond to an emergency.

I have the funny feeling that I could keep rambling on but I don't want to let this post get too long.  I will keep in touch this time as I plan to get reacquainted with my computer.  Kinda strange.  I was the one that fought at work to be able to have my personal computer with me to keep up everything.  I am the one that freaks out if I don't have a working computer.  Yet for the last 18 months, I haven't really used one much.  I tend to do everything on my tablet but that's not the best for email.  And here I do rambling again.