May 18, 2020

Disappearing Time

Now I have heard of and experienced time seemingly disappearing but I swear that it is 100% worse when there isn't anyone really even out on the roads.  I thought that it had only been a couple weeks since I posted and it has been over a month.  It's just that there isn't really anything going on right now with the world shut down.

Now that I am not working for Comcast anymore, I find myself watching more television.  I do get a kick out of that since I didn't watch it when I worked for the cable company.  Anyways, the one show that I make sure to watch live is The Voice.  And I was wondering just how they were going to pull it off this year since a studio audience is pretty much impossible.  And they have pulled it off in a rather impressive way with having all the artists make music videos from their homes.  And adding in more audience participation which is a sore point for myself.  I would love to know why they block the instant saves from us here on the West Coast.  After all, the show is based in California so why is it that the East Coast is the only ones privileged enough to save their favorites?

I am still working a couple days a week for GrubHub just to bring in more money.  I feel like a squirrel as I am making more with the unemployment but the more I bring in, the more I can stash away to keep us going. It would be so nice to have my disability come through because those 3 to 4 hours that I am working will lay me up for a least a day which makes it difficult to make enough to keep this household going.

Well I do have to get ready for work.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  And leave a comment if you have used this time off wisely to learn something new.