Nov 24, 2017

Book Review: Running Into Love

Fawn Callaghan has kissed one too many toads and has finally decided that Prince Charming doesn’t exist. After countless mishaps, mistakes, and unmitigated disasters on the dating scene, she’s decided to give up and move on with her life…solo.

Everything changes, however, after Fawn runs into Levi Fremont, a homicide detective new to New York City.

Dedication to the job has rendered Levi’s love life nonexistent—until he moves in next door to the free-spirited Fawn. After a series of comedic run-ins push them together, will they finally give in to the inevitable and realize—maybe—they are perfect for each other?

* * * * *

This book was definitely not for me.  In my opinion, Levi is everyone's worst nightmare of a man.  Even though Fawn attempts to avoid him, he hunts her down calling her demeaning names like Baby.  He's pretty much the definition of a stalker even though he wears a badge.  And his thoughts about owning her...shudder...

Fawn was nice enough but just the fact that she lets Levi get away with that stuff and still gets together with him causes me to wonder if she needs help with her self worth.

As you can tell,this isn't a book that I would recommend to my readers.  This book stunned me with all the things that Levi pulls and manages to get away with.  Personally I would have called his captain.


Book Review: Fierce Obsessions

When raven shifter Riley Porter was given sanctuary by the Phoenix Pack, she let them believe she had left her flock. Reluctant to divulge the secrets of her past, she was still embraced as family. Only Tao Lukas, the protective and passionate Head Enforcer of the pack, was resistant to the enigmatic shifter. Until Riley started to arouse in him something other than suspicion.

Tao doesn’t trust lone shifters, especially ones so guarded—and tempting. But the sexual tension between them is making them both come undone, and vulnerable to more than desire. All Tao wants is for Riley to stay with him and to trust him with the truth of her past.

As Riley’s mysteries come to light, so does a danger that threatens not only her life but the safety of the entire pack. For Tao, keeping Riley safe means keeping her close—forever—as his mate.

* * * * *

Riley has always been one of my favorite characters in this series so I was rather happy to see that she was finally getting her book and her love.  While she opens her heart freely to the children, she is rather prickly with any adult that tries to get close to her.  Riley figures that if she doesn't let anyone close than they won't be able to hurt or desert her like she feels her parents did.  She didn't count on Tao's ability to sneak his way in.

Tao is blunt and totally undiplomatic.  And he doesn't like anyone who might bring danger to his pack. However after watching Riley for a while, he has decided that she doesn't fit into that category but knows that if he lets Riley know that he has changed his mind, she will fly to the hills.

What a great book!  One thing that I really like about this series is how it will highlight one or two of the pack while still giving the readers a chance to check up on the rest.  FIERCE OBSESSIONS stands very nicely on its own but I do recommend starting this series from the very beginning so that you are able to get the inside story on the rest.

I do recommend this book to any of my readers who enjoy paranormal romance.  I do want to give a warning however that it does contain a lot of sex and violence so might not be appropriate for all readers.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.

Nov 14, 2017

Book Review: Killing June

At night I’m June, dominating with the whip, even as I crave the hot, searing blow of the cane, myself. I loathe this side of who I am, but I can’t deny it or escape it. And as my clients cry out for me, begging for mercy, I can't help but want June dead.

By day, I’m Alex Ryan, the good, successful Southern woman everyone thinks I am. I’ve compartmentalized my life to make it bearable, and to get what I want most: revenge. I can have a future with June dead, as soon as I confront the man that terrorized my past.

Cade Brannon is the local gun for hire, part of the seedy underworld of Dallas, but he may also be my savior. I want his help and he wants me. But Cade refuses to play by my rules and is forcing his way into every one of those compartments that I want to lock away. Now the parts of my life I’ve fought so hard to keep separate are bleeding together and it’s tearing me apart.

I just want to go back to being Alex Ryan. But at what cost am I willing to kill June?

* * * * *

I very much enjoy reading dark fantasy but when I started this book, my first thought was that this book was way too dark for my tastes.  But then I got to know Alex.   I started to care for her and the different parts of her personality and I wanted to see her accepting all the aspects of herself.  

And then there was Cade.  He saw all of Alex and accepted her.  He tried to put her back together.  His line of work might be dark but at his core, Cade is a very good man.  

I do recommend KILLING JUNE to my readers but be warned it is a very dark love story complete with BSDM, drugs and other violence.  If that doesn't phase you than this is a very good book.  A story of redemption that is well worth reading.  

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.