May 7, 2018

Book Review: Beneath the Silver Rose

Forbidden Romance in an Age of Veiled Magic! 

When Shadyia, a courtesan of the Silver Rose, violates the tenets of the Sisterhood, she is commanded by her madam to appease an order of vicious crusaders by seducing a powerful magician masquerading as a wealthy scholar. 

Caught between an ancient conflict of Order and Chaos, Shadyia and her companions must descend beneath the Silver Rose into a labyrinth of deadly traps and shadowy guardians. For only there can she defy the crusaders who threaten her sorority and avert the prophecy of a darkness that returns to consume the world.

* * * * * 

When I first requested this book to review, I did so because the cover caught my eye and the blurb sounded interesting.  What I found was so much more!  It's been a while since I have able to immerse myself in a well written fantasy that had me hanging on every word.

T.S. Adrian has done a beautiful job of building her world.  It has an intricate social system and a long history.  I can't wait to discover more as the series continues and I am sure that I will with a historian being one of the main characters.

Now speaking of characters... There are a lot and I did get them confused in the beginning as I am horrible at remembering names.  That didn't last for long however as they all developed their own personalities and  'voices' in my mind.  Some I would gladly lock in a room without food or water for a few years.  Others I loved and I cheered their accomplishments.  

As I am sure you can tell, I really enjoyed BENEATH THE SILVER ROSE.  It was well paced, well written with great characters and delightful dialogue. I would recommend this book to any of my readers who enjoy fantasy.  Yes, there is violence and yes there is sex but nothing that is in your face explicit.  Once you are hooked, be sure to let me know what you think of this world.

***This book was given to me at no charge by the author in exchange for fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.
May 1, 2018

Book Review: Pretty Little Killers

Still haunted by his wife’s murder—and stained by the blood of avenging it—FBI special agent Hatcher McGee can’t believe he’s being teamed up with rookie agent Korine Davenport. She is his most guilty secret—the one-night stand who almost cost him everything.

Korine has her own demons. As a child, she witnessed her father’s murder, and she’s spent her life waiting for the killer’s return. She and Hatcher are both looking for closure, but the disturbing case that draws them together could be their last.

When the mutilated body of a corrupt Savannah judge surfaces, Hatcher and Korine find themselves on the trail of a vigilante who is showing no mercy. Not for the predators who’ve gone free. And not for anyone who gets in the way.

As the body count rises, and as Hatcher’s and Korine’s own pasts unfold, they must risk their lives tracking a killer they’ve come to understand all too well. After all, the ends justify the means.
* * * * *
I have had the pleasure of reading and loving one of Ms. Herron's many series before so I definitely was excited to see that she is starting another romantic suspense series.  And I am happy to say that PRETTY LITTLE KILLERS exceeded my expectations!
Now to do that, the expected standards were met.  The pacing was flowing and spot on..  There was a lot of tension both internal and external which tighter and tighter as the story unfolds.  The dialogue was realistic and witty at times.
Where this book exceeds is in a couple areas which make it memorable.  When I look back on reading this book. the first thing that hits me is just how much I like the characters.  While the story focuses on Korine and Hatcher, all of the characters spring to life with Ms. Herron's words.  On some there's just a glimpse at what really makes them tick, on others you feel like you really get to know them.   
The next thing that springs to mind is the path to the ending.  A couple of the revelations caught me by surprise though in hindsight, I can pick up slight foreshadowing.  And while I found the ending satisfying, I am very curious just what the next book is going to add to the mix.
I do recommend PRETTY LITTLE KILLERS to any of my readers who enjoy romantic suspense. There is violence and some sex scenes that get a little heated which I doubt would surprise any of my readers. 
***I received  this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by the publisher or author. 

Book Review: Lennon Reborn

Lennon McCartney is not a broken man. Because being broken implies being whole once. When a horrific accident deprives him of the one thing he loves—his talent as a fierce and explosive drummer—Lennon is left with a life chained by an abusive mother, by crushing guilt over a tragic past. A life he doesn’t want.

Dr. Georgia Starr is a legend. She’s one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the world, coming from a long-line of respected New York doctors. Her life is built around solving complex medical cases in order to bring relief and hope to sick children. But the one problem she can’t solve is how to live her life. How to be shake loose the burden of being her elitist, arrogant father’s daughter. How to be free.

Can a man who despises his life and a woman who desperately needs to live find the answers, and love, with each other?

**Warning: Deals with dark themes and deep personal struggles.**

* * * * *

Here I thought that Nic's story in Nikan Rebuilt was a fantastic story but Lennon's had me in tears a couple times.  Just the thought that such an accomplished man would have such deep insecurities because of his childhood was very sad and deeply troubling. And the way that Ms. Cole brings us, the readers, so close to his soul is just another reason that she is now one of my favorite authors.

Actually Georgia, Gia, also suffers from another form of child abuse even though she is at the top of her game which just goes to show that abuse comes in many forms.  Now before you start to think that this book just shows the darker sides of our natures, let me assure you that there is also love, caring and deep friendships such as between Lennon and his 'brothers'.  This book shows that no matter how broken you feel, there is someone out there for you be it a lover or a friend.  You just have to let them in so that they can get to know you.

LENNON REBORN isn't a book that I would recommend for all readers as it does deal with some dark themes (there is plenty of hot sex) but it is a fantastic book that really shows how love can heal.  Oh and you get a chance to check back in  on Nic and Jenny.

***I received  this book for free from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by the publisher or author.