May 26, 2015

Art Bead Scene May Monthly Challenge

Untitled, 1926-1954
By Augustin Lesage
Oil on Canvas

This month's inspiration was a toughey.  There were just too many colors and shapes for my brain to narrow down on.  And it really does remind me of the some of the coloring book pages I have been having fun with lately. 

It really is thanks to Erin's Simple Truth Club that I finally managed to come up with a design.  And to tell you the truth,  I didn't as much come up with a design as make sure I had a good frame for her wonderful bead. 

And speaking of the Simple Truth Sampler Club, there are spots open!  Erin designs up one bead a month based around the ABS Inspirational picture and sends it out to the participants.  It's a wonderful way to get utterly unique and gasp worthy beads.  If interested, just click here for more info.  If you decide to sign up, let her know that I sent you and we will both get an extra month on our subscription.

I actually ended up making both earrings and necklace based on this inspiration that can be worn together or separately.  These earrings feature tiles from JKD Studio and sodalite beads.  The tiles were just perfect for the muted tans and browns in this painting and the shape mirrored Erin's art bead.

And finally the necklace.  Along with the Simple Truths bead, I added sodalite to bring out the rich blues in the pendant along with brass chain and wire.  This necklace has a rich, almost Egyptian feel to it when worn. 

I will be selling both the necklace and the earrings together as a set.  Just drop me a line if you are interested.
May 24, 2015

Sweet Honey Challenge

One of the things that I truly enjoy about Andrew's challenges is how they push me to work with colors I normally tend to avoid.  This time around, it's the color yellow that I usually run screaming from.  But just look at all those great beads and I can't resist a challenge.

I was expecting a challenge and I certainly got one.  I ended up taking this necklace apart a few times before I was satisfied with it.  Thank goodness this hop kept getting pushed back.  I am still not a 100% pleased but I can't tell if much of that is color itself though.

I did just love the mystery component that Andrew sent out and I wanted to make sure that it was front and center.  I did succeed there.  Now I am really looking forward to see what all the rest of the very talented designers did with this kit that was such a trial for me.  And no I am not complaining.  I knew that this would be a stretch for me.

May 22, 2015


  • I have always been one to clean up after every project so that I can start afresh.  That trend has been changing lately as I push bead aside that I might want to use later.  I have also started working on a themes where I grab everything I might use and toss it on the table.  In the pic above I was working on the Splendid Procession challenge.  The reveal for this isn't until June but I like to work ahead.

  • Almost overnight the rose bush that I have been trying to kill came into bloom.  It has beautiful red, country roses but they have no fragrance.  Now I love roses but I want to be able to sit on my porch and enjoy the scent also.

  • Just wanted to share a couple designs I made up for one of the Pine Ridge Treasures Challenges.  I normally try to write up a post to share them but this challenge occurred on the same day as the Art of Awareness so I had just shared these on the Facebook Group.  The themes was Twilight.
  • Yep picture heavy this time.
  • Speaking of pictures, I have an account on Instagram that I am going to 'try' to start sharing pictures through.  I say try because reaching to take a pic isn't a reflex for me.  I spent years avoiding cameras to I am trying to retrain myself.  Anyways, if you would like to follow me I am Shais3D.
  • I have seven hours left of A Storm of Swords and one day left to do so.  So I get to disappear into my studio and play.  I love audiobooks but I hate time crunches.  

  • I finished my book but now I get to wait for the next one.  Since that will be the last one out, then and only then will I watch HBOs Game of Thrones.
  • My tomatoes are flowering.  Hopefully we will get a better crop then last year but I still haven't found any zucchini.
  • I am worried about Kharma.  He was supposed to go in and get his teeth cleaned but when I got up to take him to the vet, he could hardly move.  We think that he rolled off the couch last night. He seems to be getting better and is staying hydrated so just gave him some pain meds and hope that he gets better.  He is the only dog that I don't have on pet insurance.

  • So instead Miss Boo went in and got her teeth cleaned.  Not a happy MinPin right now because she ended up having to have four teeth pulled.  I am so glad that my vet sent some pain meds home with her.  She's not being a happy camper.