May 1, 2015

Swap N Hop Reveal

I try to participate in at least one big jewelry blog hop each year because they are so much fun.  This year it is the Swap N Hop where we are partnered up with another designer, we send them some beads with at least one item being artisan and then we get to show off what we made.  Today is that reveal and I was actually lucky enough to have two partners so I have a bit to show off.

My first partner is Sue Kennedy of Sue Beads.  The picture above is a reminder of all the beady glory that Sue sent my way.  Just love all the varied colors and those clasps.  Sue just happened to be out of clasps so she hurriedly whipped some up.  Dang.  Wish I had that ability.

I immediately fell in love with the heart focal that Sue made that was my first project.  I knotted it together with some vintage lucite beads, copper spacers,a copper charm to echo the flower imprinted on the heart and one of those lovely clasps.

Next up was that ceramic ring which happened to be the only artisan goodie I received not made my Sue herself.  I used those gorgeous lampwork spacers as well as the blue crystals what went so well with the beautiful blues.  I wired wrapped into together with a silver rolo chain and used some Wooley Wire to make up a bail.

And now for my second partner who is Lee Koopman of Strega Jewelry who I am so glad I got to meet through this blog hop.  Lee has so much in common with me it's scary.  I was so spoiled by both of my partners.  Just check out all the beadiness sent to me by Lee. I am especially in love with the bracelet bar she made for me. I didn't use it yet as I am waiting for the supporting cast to appear.

I got a real kick out the fact that Lee says she can't do up pretty packages so she tied everything up with pretty ribbons.  That is so like me.  I always love getting a surprise in the mail all decorated up but I can't do that to save my life.  Besides I really liked all the ribbons.  I ended up using one of those ribbons along with the handmade clasp to make this bracelet.  I also make up a beading chain of faceted pyrite.

Since we both share similar spiritual beliefs, I wanted to make up a necklace to celebrate that fact.   I used the rustic threefold ceramic focal along with the serpentine beads that Lee sent me.  I added in some brass chain, a charm and some Wooley Wire.

The last piece that I made was rather simple but this focal was so gorgeous, I really wanted to let it have its place in the sun.  This is a longer necklace that you can just slip over your head and go.

The rules said that I needed to use up all the artisan pieces that we received and I failed in completing that part of the challenge but I was so blessed by my partners that I just flat ran out of time. Things have been hectic around here since we are in the process of purchasing our home.  Actually we just purchased it since everything went through on Thursday.  Anyways you will see the rest making an appearance later.

Now I did say that I was running a contest now didn't I?  Just be sure to leave a comment and I will be drawing a winner on May 19th for that last necklace.  

Now since this is a hop, be sure to jump around and see all the wonderful eye candy that the other designers have come up with.  Just click here to go to the list off all the designers.


  • It's been a big week. The house is officially ours as if the 30th complete with the overgrown rose bush.  I have been trying to kill it for a couple years because I want to put a lilac bush in there.  These are stubborn roses though and keep coming back to life as well as popping up in different areas.

  • I have discovered that I really like to color.  I found some pencils for a reasonable price but the lead keeps breaking.  I just don't want to have to spend $50 to get some nice ones.  Perhaps if this is a hobby that I keep going on for a while it will be worth it.
  • My roommate is having some issues with a new med causing her additional anxiety as well panic attacks. She calls her medications manager and the receptionist wants to know who is abusing her and my name  Roomie didn't give her any info but boy did she push.  Since when does medication issues equal abuse?
  • Tomorrow is when I get to show off all my pretties for the Swap N Hop.  I can't wait to see what everyone else made also.
Apr 30, 2015

Amethyst Aether Special Challenge Redo

The date for this hop was pushed back after my post had already gone live last week.  So rather then redoing it, I just wanted to give you the link so you can check out my post.