Oct 20, 2014


Today is one of those totally fun posts where I get to give stuff away.  I wish that I could do this all the time but alas, it just isn't to be. 

For the Fall Fashionista 2014, the winner is Rhonda S.  I have been able to contact Rhonda and she has her gift code in hand.

The second contest was one ran on my Facebook account, Shaiha Designs, for a $50 gift code.  The winner is Laura Norman.  I am still trying to contact Laura.
Oct 19, 2014

Creative Spark Fall 2014

Just a quick post to share the Fall 2014 Creative Spark e-zine.  There are some nice tutorials and gorgeous jewelry contained within so be sure to take a look.  Also since I have one of the designers for ZNetShows, there is also a couple blurbs from me and my thoughts on fall.

Creative Spark Fall 2014 Fall 2014
Oct 18, 2014

Do Over Blog Challenge

A couple times a year, Jeannie K. Dukic of Whee! The People and the creative genius behind JKD Studio hosts a challenge where she sends out  several designers a piece of jewelry that she made sometime in the far past and we get to remake it.  I have taken part a few times and I do have to say that it really is a blast because I have NO idea just what I will receive.  

Now historically, I always have issues getting a 'before' pic so I am quite proud of myself for remembering and not loosing it when my hard drive crashed.  As you can see, I was lucky enough to receive a memory wire bracelet with some bold resin and wooden beads.  Some of the beads were quite a bit larger then what I am used too.  And they looked so good in their current incarnation.

They looked so good in fact that I wanted to keep them together in some fashion and I have really been on a bracelet kick lately.  So a bracelet it would be but with my own twist.  I dug out some Greek leather that I had in a drawer and some more wooden beads.

And I made up a wrap bracelet that is longer, actually long enough to convert to a fun necklace.  And I do have to say that I am pretty happy with it.  Thank you Jeannie giving me that push (yet again) to work with beads that I wouldn't have normally chosen.  I end up having a blast every time.

Now be sure to check out what everyone else has made.