Oct 31, 2014


First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween or a Blessed Samhain (or both as the case may be).

  • When did it occur that I no longer have any evening wear?  Or more specifically, ones that fit.  I have some that are a few sizes too large but none that I can wear now.  And why didn't I think of it until the night before I need it?

  • I went out to a Haunted Evening Tea Party that was held in the local pagan shop that just happens to be haunted.  None of the ghosts made an appearance but it was a lot of fun.  I told myself to get pictures but the only one I took was off the sunset while I was waiting for the shop to open.
  • I can't believe that Samhain is almost here.  Where has this year gone?

  • In this household even my foster dogs have opinions.  My husband is laying on the couch and according to Pooka that isn't allowed.  He is standing there barking at him.
Oct 30, 2014

Midnight Magic Blog Hop

When Andrew Thornton announced a challenge based around Halloween, what is any self respecting witch to do but join in.  I had images of all the fun that the ghosts, ghouls and vampires have on Halloween.  And jewelry celebrating black and orange which is a color combo that I quite like.

And just look at the wonderful goodies that Andrew sent along.  I am in love with those two orange and one black bead caps up in the upper left hand corner.  Yeah you head me right.  They are glass bead caps.  Oh and those aren't all the goodies that I got.  There was also a couple focals, one of them made by Andrew, some seed beads and waxed linen.

I went with earrings mainly this time around because I still need to get some pairs made to send to Ears To You.  I set a goal to send along 30 pairs this year and I can't find the first couple batches I made so I really need to get busy on that.

This pair is the only one that I made that fits the eerie ambiance of the holiday.   I used some of the black crystal in the kit and wire wrapped them up with art tiles from Asbury Ave.  They are currently up for sale here.

These next two pairs were made from the ingredients that Andrew sent along with the exception of the ear wires.  They definitely celebrate the season and the spirit of fun that it is known for.  These two will go to Ears To You.

When I received my goodies for this challenge what immediately caught my eye was this carved focal piece.  I am not exactly sure what it is made of but it is interesting and begged to be wire up with a copper tube that was also part of kit.  I had also just gotten a shipment of tassels which seemed to be serendipity.  Since I really wanted the focal to catch the eye, I hung it off of a piece of black rayon cord that was also part of my goodies.

Now since this is a challenge that celebrates the season and tomorrow holiday, Andrew limited it to thirteen of us.  Be sure to check out what everyone else has made with their beady magic.  Just click here for the links and to see what Andrew has been kind enough to post for the folks that don't maintain a blog.

Oct 28, 2014

November Upcoming Blog Hops

I have some fun blog hops that will be happening in November.  And I am not sure just how I managed to do it but four are all during the same week.  Good thing that I tend to make up my designs early so that I don't feel rushed. 

This first hop is one that has been rescheduled a couple times due to the fact that the roof fell in on the hostess.  Literally.  So it was pushed back until November 11th.  This was actually a good thing because it gave me a chance to work up another necklace for this hop.  I can't wait to see what everyone has made with these incredible lampwork beads.

Next up is challenge that is hosted by Andrew Thornton.  It was inspired by the colors you find in moonstones and thoughts of alien gardens.  It will be on November 13th.

The next one is actually both a blog hop, a charm swap and a charity auction to benefit Beads of Courage.  Several artist get together and make up Art Charms to exchange with each other. The fun part is that we make an extra charm to be auctioned off for this great charity.  On November 14th, we reveal the charms we have made and the auction commences.

This next hop is based around components from one of my favorite artists, Sheryl of Metapolies, and is being hosted by Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures.  I always try to get into Lisa's hops because they are so much fun. It  will be on November 15th.

This last one for the month (so far) the Be Thankful blog hop being hosted by Marybeth of A Few Words From Within The Pines.  This one is centered around Czech glass beads and a handmade copper clasp.  It's being held a few days before Thanksgiving on November 22nd.

Now you have an idea of what I will be sharing this month, or at least some of it, I hope that you will be stopping back by to see what I and all the other jewelry artist have put together in November.