Jan 15, 2021

Covid Perhaps?


I guess the most important thing, in the overall scale of things, would be Conal.  He got a call from his employer letting him know that someone that he works with had been diagnosed with Covid.  So he is off work and quarantining the next 2 weeks.  Since no one knows just when he would have been exposed, Conal isn't going to get the test until Sunday.  I sure hope that it is negative considering that some of my meds tank my immune system.

The next cool thing that happened in the last week was the fact that I found myself a new kitten.  Deja is going on 15 and I wanted to get a new kitten for him to train before he gets too old.  Caishan is Highlander Cat or, depending on the registry, a Highland Lynx.  He's only 8 weeks old and has to be the most self-possessed kitten that I have ever met.  No crying for his mom at all.  In fact, he let me know the first night that I was his.  I have a funny feeling that he is going to make life interesting especially since he is a polydactyl and has already learned to use his thumbs to unzip things.

Other than those couple things, life has been slow or at least, I have been slow.  If there is one thing I really miss, it is the energy to get things done.  Now I need to weigh everything and decide what is the most important as the rest might just get pushed aside while I am flat on my back trying to recover.  That is the reason that I had to leave a job that I loved.  There is just no way that I can work for 40 hours a week anymore.  I have started doing Shipt because I can schedule and unschedule myself based on how I am feeling.

So how has your past week gone?  Hopefully yours has been less eventful than mine especially when it comes to Covid.

Jan 7, 2021

Thank goodness it's 2021!!!


I haven't kept up on this blog even though I had the best intentions to become active again here.  What I didn't realize at the time, I had been carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders the last four years.  I didn't expect it as you couldn't have called me political back in 2016.  In fact, I even recall stating to my husband back when trump was elected that he couldn't do that much damage in four years.  Boy was I off base.

Now I am finally feeling something I haven't in quite a while...a lightness of spirit.  Perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel.  With this lightness,  I am not feeling such a need to isolate myself from the world.  Since we are in a world of social distancing, restarting up this blog feels right.  In fact, I am committing myself to posting at least once a week.  Heck, I even put it down in my planner.

Oh yeah.  I am trying to utilize a planner to help keep track of myself.  I have found that I just can't juggle as many tasks in my head.  As soon as I get tired, my short term memory tends to fly the coop and all those bright and shiny balls get dropped.  Since I have always loved tech, I have tried different reminder programs on my phone and tablet.  The problem is that I tend ignore those bings and bongs.  I am crossing my fingers and hoping that going old-school with paper and pens will help.  And it doesn't hurt that it is a planner that I get to color in.    

And since it's been a while, let me introduce myself.  I am Shai and I live with my husband and our menagerie. I used to create jewelry and I am hoping to get back into it in the future.  I am addicted to good tea and coloring.  I also tend to be rather opinionated and love to hear the opinions of others.  How else are you to learn and grow.  And my word of the year is Growth.  I have been stuck in place and now it's time to spread my wings again.

Well that's enough for now.  Be sure to grab yourself a cup a tea and let me know how the past four years have treated you.  

Dec 4, 2020

Happy Beads Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile. Actually longer than I had thought. Anyone else notice how the combo of the pandemic and old age leads to totally losing track of time?  One day just seems like the other!

Anyways, I have been needing something to nudge me back to creating jewelry. I mean, now that I actually have the time to lose myself (and hopefully use up some of my supplies) in creating I find myself not doing so. I know that some is simple exhaustion but the other was that lack of spark.  Well this blog hop has started to ignite me.  

I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful kit from Lisa. All kinds of bright crystals, bright glass beads in regal purple along with some pastel glass pearls. 

Now you know me and pearls and procrastination. I immediately went to the pearls and laid out a necklace of pearls & crystals. And then let it sit and sit and well...sit. I knew I had all the supplies & I could easily knot that up in a couple hours while watching a baking competition. Or so I thought. 

Did you know that glue can go bad?  I didn’t. 

So when I went to get everything knotted up, my first step was to make a thread nettle with my cording. No big deal. I have done it hundreds of times. Except my glue wouldn’t harden and my cord kept drooping. Looked kinda like...never mind. And of course, I made this wondrous discovery on Friday night.   Time of a new plan. 

I ended up making this bracelet that also doubles as a choker using the regal purple beads & crystals. 

I still have the long pearl necklace laid out & as soon as I find some thread Viagra, I will get it finished up also. '
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