Jul 1, 2015

Review: The Field Trip

An adventure mixed with a touch of fantasy. Add a twist of love.

Although clumsy with women, botany professor Ross Barton possesses the quality of fearlessness when confronting danger. Relieved to be escaping routine school work and a bad relationship for a field research trip, a strange woman and danger are the last of his expectations.

Jay, an awkward young woman unwilling to disclose her past, begins a solitary hike into the forest with a pet concealed in a box. She claims the pet is a cat.

Rumors are spreading about odd lights in the night skies of New England.

A flight instructor reports that the government quarantined an area of Vermont woods.

All trails intersect on The Field Trip.

* * * * *

I started off on a bad foot with this book.  It reads as though it was written for the young adult audience with adult subject matter.  If I had been simply reading the book for pleasure, I would have put it aside after the first chapter.  But since it was for a review, I kept on reading.  This book is definitely a case where first impressions aren't always the correct ones.

As the story continued, I found myself becoming invested in Ross.  He really is a nice guy who finds himself in the strangest situations.  And he has a tendency to act without thinking.  That is how he found himself involved with Jay who is a rather strange young woman.  

The story is impossible, rather improbably and yet was very enjoyable.  Once I put aside my disbelief and decided to go along for the ride, I found myself laughing at some of the unique ways Ross has getting into and out of situations.

I do recommend this book to my readers that are just looking for a fun read.  You can't go wrong with a book that brings on a case of the giggles.
Jun 30, 2015

Review: Minutes to Kill

After corporate attorney Hannah Barrett tries—and fails—to stop a kidnapping in Vegas, she can’t shake the haunting image of the terrified young girl she couldn’t save. She tells herself that a visit to her hometown in Scarlet Falls could be a welcome distraction. But soon, Hannah realizes the kidnappers have all the info they need to track her every move. And when chilling e-mails about the victim appear in her inbox, it’s frighteningly clear what happened in Vegas has followed her home.

Eight months after a terrible family tragedy, Hannah turns to Detective Brody McNamara once again. Brody is eager to help, though he’s embroiled in the investigation of a brutal murder. But the closer they work together, the stronger their feelings grow…and the more they stand to lose when two seemingly unrelated, but equally deadly, cases collide.

* * * * *

I tend to be a bit leery when I start a series on the second book but I really didn't need to worry about it with the SCARLET FALLS series.  While there was a book previous where Hannah and Brody actually met, I didn't feel as though I was lost at any point in the story.

Both of the main characters are wonderful but I fell in love with Hannah.  Yes she can be a polished corporate attorney however she was raised with three brothers by a military father.  This meant that she went on recons when she was a girl so that she was able to spend time with her father.  Those skills and other come in handy in MINUTES TO KILL.

Brody is the perfect counterpart for Hannah.  He is more laid back but he comes with his own issues from a previous marriage that went bad.  He is also justifiably concerned about starting a relationship with Hannah considering she is just in Scarlet Falls on a vacation.

I want to give Ms. Leigh kudos on her villains.  There is no surprise reveal at the end.  The reader meets them early on and goes on to learn more about them.  They are evil personified with their loyalty to each other being their own redeeming trait.  Just thinking about the fact that there are people like them is enough to make me shudder.

As you can probably tell, I very much enjoyed MINUTES TO KILL and will be on the watch for more books from Ms. Leigh.  I definitely recommend this book to any of my readers who enjoy romantic suspense.

Jun 29, 2015

New Earrings Monday: Weeks 27 & 28

I missed posting during the last do around.  And it wasn't even that I didn't have any earrings made.  I just plum forgot. 

Since I have been working on a collection that will be going live at Jewelry Because on July 15th, I decided to share a couple pairs I have made for that site.  This is a wonderful online gallery where 25% of the purchase price is donated to charity.  So if you are looking for some jewelry be sure to check them out.  My designs aren't up yet but quite a few artists are ready to go with some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

This pair is part of a set which also includes a necklace.  Gorgeous faceted pearls and golden hematite are wirewrapped to some lovely brass shells.  Hand forged ear-wires complete the look.

For this next pair, I took a dab of  enameled beads by Beads By EarthTones and a pinch of some decorated grunge board and stirred it all together.  This look is highlighted by antiqued brass wire, rings and hand forged ear wires.

Now these New Earrings Monday is actually the brainchild of  SaraJo of SJ Designs and there are several different designers who join in on the fun.  So be sure to click on the link to see what everyone else has made in the last couple weeks.