Mar 28, 2015

Pearls and Nuggets Challenge

I love participating in the challenges that Linda Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures hosts but this one has been an exercise in frustration.  I took the pictures using my iPhone and it took pulling my hair out to get them over to my computer so that I could upload them to this post. 

Lisa, as usual,sent along some real beauties though I didn't end up using them all.  In fact, I was so drawn to those incredible Amazonite nuggets that I concentrated on them.  I am sure that you will see the rest of them popping up in the future though the pearls are a bit too much on the yellow side of the scale for my tastes.

I had some Amazonite beads that went so perfectly with the nuggets in terms of color that they made their way into this creation as well as a beautiful pewter clasp that I had been hoarding saving for just the right occasion and some sterling filled beads.  I really think this was it.  What do you think?  This necklace is up for sale at Shaiha Designs.

Mar 23, 2015

New Earrings Monday Weeks 11 & 12

I always have so many issues with earrings so I am glad that I joined the New Earrings Monday Challenge.  This wonderful challenge is the brainchild Sarajo of SJ Designs. 

This is actually going to be a quick post where I am just sharing a couple pairs of earrings as I have been blessed with a kidney infection and the antibiotics I am on make me nauseous.   I just wanted to make sure that I shared what I have made since this challenge really has gotten me to make more earrings.

Mar 18, 2015

Bead Porn Part Deux

I have been having so much with the Swap N Hop. As I have told everyone, I was lucky enough to be blessed with a couple partners and I wanted to show everyone the stash that I sent Lee.  The elephant is from Okawa African Beads, the lampwork bowes from Mandrel 2 and the brass butterflies, one that I colored. I also included magnesite, agate, some gun metal chain and a fun elephant clasp.

The real porn however was the true beauties that Lee sent to me. She sent me a variety of artisan glass and ceramic. The real treasures however is the clasp and bracelet bar in that Lee made herself. She sent along the bar as an extra present for me and I am so in love since if you asked me for one word to sum me up and I would say Witch.

Lee also sent along a note saying she doesn't wrap except for wire so she tied my goodies up with sari silk. Score!  Not only did get some lovely silk but this is a woman after my own heart. There is a reason why little organza bags were invented.

Lee also sent along a wonderful supporting cast. There is Czech glass, serpentine, brass, crystal and shell. So many goodies that I know I will have extras. How can anyone get to be so lucky?

Now to find the time to disappear and create. I will be showing off all I make from the porn....err beads that I have gotten on May 2nd. Be sure to stop back by because a little birdie let me know that I will be holding a contest then also.