Mar 6, 2015


  • There is something so wrong about needing to mow my lawn in February.  Regardless, I need to get out and do so though I think that I will wait until March.  Not quite so evil that way.
  • Chloe sure thinks I should be outside with her.
  • I feel so spoiled.  I picked up a surprise box of goodies from Lori of Pretty Things.  I had asked for gemstones but she slipped in a pendant from Round Rabbit.  I have always wanted a focal from this shop so I was really exited to see this and couldn't resist making myself up a necklace.  I think after looking at the pic though that I am either going to remove the bead dangly or add a few more strands.  What do you think?

  • I finally got a chance to start editing my husband's new book, Daughter of Darkness.  It looks really good.
  • I am so sad that we lost Leonard Nimoy.  Not only was a great actor but he was a good man.  His loss hit me a lot harder then Robin Williams' death mainly because I grew up on Star Trek.  Yeah one of the shows that I would let dictate that I be home on a certain time on a certain day to watch.  Boy how times have changed now that I don't really watch tv.
  • I think that I have finally found a background that I like for my jewelry and a set up that doesn't take up too much space.  I picked up the ceramic tile from Lowes and a steady stand from Modahaus.

Feb 28, 2015

Hint of Mint Challenge

I am addicted to the challenges put on by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures!  She sends us out kits that are packed with beads and posts a picture in the group to inspire us.

And see what I mean when I say packed with beads?  Most of these beads are from ZNetShows which happens to be my favorite supplier for crystals and sea glass.  They also have great glass pearls.  I just love the fact that Lisa sends out more then I end up using for the challenges so I have extras for other projects.  I didn't end up using any of the brass this time around because this color seemed to want silver findings.

I picked up this shamrock from Sheryl of Metapolies a while back because I liked the look of it.  Besides aren't four leaf clovers supposed to be lucky.  When my goodies for this challenge came in, I just knew that I wanted to use them together.  Perfect to celebrate spring and St.Patty's, this necklace is hand-knotted with glass pearls, sea glass and Tiaria crystal.  It is finished up with a sterling silver clasp. This necklace is available in my store.

Both pairs of these earrings use more beads from the kit along with pewter charms and sterling silver earwires.   They will be part of the package that I am planning to donate to Ears To You.
Feb 27, 2015


  • Just had to share a teaser pic for the beads that I sent to my partner Susan Kennedy of Sue's Beads.  I had a lot of fun playing with effects on this one.  It shows a bit more of the beads then suggested but since Sue has already received then, all is good.
  • Goodness, I miss having good tea at my fingertips when I am working in the office.  Since I am such a tea snob, I just don't drink tea when I am there which I am sure my body is loving since I am drinking so much water.  I do add Mio since I don't care for the taste of water in the office but I am not inhaling as much caffiene.

  • I finally decided on my word or words for the Art of Awareness blog hop.  The color was easy since both myself and my husband have fibromyalgia but the word was more difficult.  I finally decided on HOME because my house is what gets me up in the morning on the days when my fibro makes it difficult.  The beads are from Swoondimples (so is the pic).
  • There is something wrong with needing to mow the grass in February.  As I was leaving for work the other day, I noticed that I am the only one in the neighborhood that hasn't.  I just hate the idea of having to start that chore so early in the year.  I love my house but there are things that I can do without like yard work.  Whatever happened to kids around the neighborhood that mow yards for some extra cash?
  • Why are men so stubborn?  My husband fell down the stairs yesterday and hurt his back.  Of course, I can convince him to go in to  the doctor.  Instead  I get to hear him moan and groan.  <sigh>