Jun 30, 2016

Book Review: Don't Tempt Me

Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements—between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet, his days are spoken for. But his nights are another story… And when his lovely new neighbor, Honor Brown, reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house, Jason finds himself wishing his handyman skills could knock down the defenses she keeps building around herself.

Martial arts teacher Sullivan Dean knows real danger when he sees it—even when it takes the form of the gorgeous blonde helping her friend move in across the street. After putting his wayward past behind him to focus on teaching control to troubled kids, Sullivan has learned to avoid party girls like Lexie Perkins. But Sullivan can't seem to keep his hands off the real woman behind that flirty charm—or keep his heart from landing at her feet…

* * * * *

There are times when I am just looking for a feel good story and DON'T TEMPT ME fills the requirement perfectly. It's set in a small town that is trying to improve its image with all kinds of friendly townsfolk and very hot men.

Honor had NO idea just what she was getting into when she moved to Clearbrook.  She has learned to depend on herself only but next door, there are three guys that are determined to help her out and keep an eye on her.  And it doesn't help her piece of ,mind that they are all incredibly hot.   

Now her best friend Lexie, self proclaimed party girl, knows just what to do with all these hot men which includes having fun with one of them and setting Honor up with another.  After all, there has to be some perks for Honor moving to a small town. 

I really enjoyed DON'T TEMPT ME.  It actually has two stories interwoven; Honor and Jason's tale, and Lexie and Sullivan's.   Even though there are actually four main characters, Ms. Foster has done a fantastic job of character development for each.  Honor especially grows and really opens up in this book.  Lexie doesn't really change but someone finally recognizes her for the gold that she really is.

I do recommend  DON'T TEMPT ME to any of my readers who enjoy contemporary love stories.  It has an enjoyable story line, great characters and a bit of conflict with Honor's not so nice relatives.  There is some sex in this story but nothing extremely graphic.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.

Art Jewelry Elements Summertime Challenge

Summertime means so many things to so many people.  It has meant a lot of different things to me at different times.  When I was younger, it was an opportunity to sleep in with no school, a time to climb trees and swim in the lakes.

As I got older, it was a time of warmth, to wear shorts and sandals, a time of parties especially around my birthday and to spend time on the beach.

When I was an adult, it was still a time of warmth, long evenings gaming with friends on the porch, BBQs and fresh berries. Now it is a time to relax, to enjoy my body with less pain because of the warmth, to take my vacation from work and recharge my batteries.  In fact, my vacation starts tomorrow.

The one thing that has stayed the same through out my years has been my love of the ocean.  When someone says summer, a beach is the first thing that pops into my mind.  Preferably one with tide-pools and lots of starfish.

When Art Jewelry Elements announced their summertime challenge, that image of a starfish came right to mind and I had the perfect focal sitting on my work table just wanting for the right inspiration.  This chocolate ceramic starfish is from Firefly Design Studio and I have to say that I am really loving her new designs in the chocolate clay.  I just had to add a bit of sari silk as it reminds me of the scarves I used to tie over my swimsuits.

I made up a chain for this little beauty using apatite, a couple of polymer clay beads from Tealwater Designs and brass wire.

I finished it all up with a golden brass clasp with a nautical design.  Still not sure if I am going to keep this one for myself or let her go.

Now are you ready for some more summer eye candy?  Several designers have joined in for the fun on this challenge and I know that I can't wait to see what they have come up with.


AJE team
                                                                            Jen Cameron

Jun 28, 2016

Book Review: Seconds to Live

Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett avoided his hometown of Scarlet Falls for years—too many bad memories. But when he receives the news that his father is dying, he rushes home only to discover he’s too late. Shaken, Mac retreats to his remote cabin seeking peace and solace. Instead, he crashes his jeep to narrowly avoid running over the naked body of a woman lying in the road. Even more disturbing, when he regains consciousness, the body is gone.

Police detective Stella Dane wants to believe Mac, even if his story about the vanishing body seems far-fetched. But when Mac’s description matches the missing woman she’s been searching for, it raises a disturbing question: How does a dead body disappear?

Mac and Stella will have to work together to find the answer and catch a psychotic kidnapper—and quickly. The killer has a deadly message to send, and the case is about to become personal.…

* * * * *

I have really enjoyed visiting Scarlett Falls and following the Barrett family as they find love.  Now the Barrett family is rather unusual in the way that they were raised as their father wanted to make sure that they could survive anything up to and including WWW 3,

Mac has always been the loner,  He is the youngest child and abused drugs when he was a teenager.  He cleaned up his act and is now working as a wildlife biologist in the jungle.  He has avoided spending much time his hometown for years but now his father is dying.  Mac arrives home to find that he had just missed telling his father goodbye.

Stella is a good police detective even if there are times that she feels that she is a token female especially when her chief shows her off to the press.  She just wants to be able to do her job which right now includes finding the vanishing naked woman that Mac saw laying on the road.  

Stella and Mac make a really good team as they compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.  I really want to give Ms. Leigh kudos on her character building skills.  All of her characters are so real that I expect them to get up and walk off the page.  She makes it all to easy to care about what is happening with them.

And let's not forget the story itself.  It has a wonderful sense of tension woven throughout that increases as the tale goes on.  The individual behind the crimes stays hidden until the satisfying conclusion.  SECONDS TO LIVE is well worth reading.  Heck the whole Scarlett Falls saga is worth setting aside a weekend and immersing yourself in.

As you can tell, I do recommend this book and this series to my readers who enjoy romantic suspense.  There is some violence in this book but nothing over the top is pictured and the same with the sex.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.