Feb 3, 2016


  • I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers.  I love cats, as I am sure that everyone here knows, and I have joined in some swaps for cat postcards.  I like to use them as bookmarks.  Well I messed up and left one in a book that was going back to the library.  The other day I received a hand addressed envelope from a person that I didn't recognize in my city.  This kind person had found one of the cat postcards and returned it to me.  What a nice person!  I plan on making her up some earrings and sending them her way.
  • Wow!  Everything is better with chocolate.  I am going to be doing a review on some Swiss Chocolate and I just received a HUGE box of chocolate to sample.  There is so much that I am thinking about making up some Easter baskets and taking them down to a women's shelter. 
  • Well I started meds for my anxiety.  Since I tend to have strange reactions to some medications, my doctor put me on the smallest dose and boy am I glad that she did.  About 30 minutes after I took the first one, I felt my mind slowing down.  Had to have Saje drive me to the store since I didn't trust myself on the road.  Woah baby.  I don't know how people can function on a normal dose. 
  • Those chocolates are sooooo good!
  • I just love how corrupt the health insurance companies can be. I belong to an HMO which means that I pay my premium and go to their clinics. My physicals are supposed to be free under the new laws yet when I look at the explanation of benefits, my physical was free yet they are charging me $155 for the doctor's visit. Hello. How can I have a physical without visiting the doctor?  I get to call and yell at them for this. 
  • Okay I am being impressed by Honda.  I am the second owner of a Civic Hybrid yet I received a call this morning letting me know about a recall due to the air bags.  I need to get it in and have them replaced.  All at no charge to myself.
  • I am considering revamping my Store Envy store front and just carrying my artisan fashion jewelry with a lower price point on there and moving all of my art jewelry over to Just Because boutique.  What do you think?
Feb 2, 2016

Book Review: Angels Burning

On the surface, Chief Dove Carnahan is a true trailblazer who would do anything to protect the rural Pennsylvanian countryside where she has lived all fifty of her years. Traditional and proud of her blue-collar sensibilities, Dove is loved by her community. But beneath her badge lies a dark and self-destructive streak, fed by a secret she has kept since she was sixteen.

When a girl is beaten to death, her body tossed down a fiery sinkhole in an abandoned coal town, Dove is faced with solving the worst crime of her law enforcement career. She identifies the girl as a daughter of the Truly family, a notoriously irascible dynasty of rednecks and petty criminals.

During her investigation, the man convicted of killing Dove’s mother years earlier is released from prison. Still proclaiming his innocence, he approaches Dove with a startling accusation and a chilling threat that forces her to face the parallels between her own family’s trauma and that of the Trulys.

* * * * *

 What a great book!  Full of unforgettable characters and plot twists that come at you from unexpected directions, BURNING ANGELS is truly a great book.  

Every small town has that family that everyone knows is trouble but yet even those families have exceptions to the rule.  Camio Truly appears to the that exception in the Truly family; good student, a boyfriend from a 'good' family, and the drive to succeed.  So why did someone kill her?  It's Dove Carnahan's job to find out.  And Dove is good at her job.

Dove is another one that overcame the handicap of her background.  Her mother was known for having a lot of different men and was killed when Dove was just a teenager.  Through hard work, Dove has become the Police Cheif of her town which in her mind is actually being a glorified baby sitter to the residents.  She wasn't ready for a homicide there of a young girl and really wasn't ready for the memories that it brought back of her own childhood and mother.

This story is chilling and has some unexpected turns but what really caused me to enjoy this book were the cast of characters.  Dove herself is a really strong woman but she has her issues which seem to multiply as her case brings back some not so happy memories.  Neely, Dove's sister, is the character that I really relate too because she cares a lot more for dogs then humans.  There is also Nolan who heads the CID department with the state.  And there is the Truly family of which there are quite  a few.

I highly recommend this book to any of my readers who enjoys a thriller that digs a bit deeper into the motivations of the characters.  BURNING ANGELS is one of those books that will stay with you and have you searching out Ms. O'Dell's backlist of books.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.

Jan 31, 2016

Buried Treasure Blog Hop

One of my favorite blogs to keep up with all things jewelry is Art Jewelry Elements. They have regular challenges that I find a blast to participate in.  The challenge for January was to dig through our hoards or treasure of art beads and find one (or more) to make up in a piece of jewelry.

Now I am ashamed to say that I had forgotten about signing up for this hop until one of the wonderful moderators, Jenny Davies-Reazor, dropped me a line asking if I was still planning on participating.  I definitely was and spent a most enjoyable time digging through my beads and finding one that spoke to me.  

I had a few that I put to the side to consider when I ran across this dragonfly from Firefly Design Studio.  Now I am especially partial to dragonflies as they are one of my totems and usually signify that a change is coming.  I am hoping that it is a good one perhaps better sales with the new schedule that I will be starting late in February.

Now the next step was deciding on a supporting cast and I found a strand of aquamarine (or what I think is aquamarine since if this strand had a label, it had fallen off) that was close to the color of the glaze used on the dragonfly.  And of course, I needed a contrast so some onyx found its way onto my design board.  

For once everything went according to plan.  Love this necklace but I will be putting up it for sale as soon as I get some descriptions written up for a few different designs that I have made.

Now I can hardly wait to see what buried treasure everyone one else found when they went digging.  There is sure to be a lot of eye candy since these are some kick ass designers so be sure to check out their treasures also.

AJE team:

Melissa - Bead Recipes
Sarajo - SJ Designs
Samantha - Wescott Jewelry
Mona - Bijoux Gem

Suntsa - Suntsan